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Mar 01

Spring comes to TBM

As always the TBM mansions are riddled with snow, submissions, releases, dreams, microphones, more snow and yes, cover versions! But with spring around the corner we wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect as we thaw out. We have four or five exciting releases planned and maybe more if we can …

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Jan 30

The Steady and Inevitable Rise of Pastime Records

Back in 2009 I wrote about Andy B and a young Pastime Recordings label, based in Exeter UK (now shortened to Pastime Records – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pastime-Records/180633851974327 ) which was just being launched and they had big plans for the shaping of music to come (http://www.myspace.com/48342032/blog/507761006). I watched them grow along with the wonderful Pop Noise Records …

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Dec 21

In Love with The Crystal Stilts While Keeping a Low Profile

Although I have been a fan of the Crystal Stilts (http://www.crystalstilts.com/ ) for a while now, ever since their first album “Alight Of Night” on the amazing Slumberland Records in 2008, nothing could have prepared me for their second album “In Love With Oblivion” (Slumberland) and their most recent EP “Radiant Door” (Sacred Bones), which …

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Dec 02

Keeping Up With The Wilson’s – I mean Phil Wilson

I have been meaning to write a few words about Phil Wilson for over a year now, and everytime he releases something else, I kick myself for not getting around to doing this. Now, the time has come to pay my dues with the release of a fabulous new single “I Own It” and a …

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Dec 02

My Affection For Disaffection by Max Eider

This is a CD I have been keenly awaiting for a few weeks now, ever since I found out of it’s existence and that it was almost complete (thanks to the Tundraducks Records mailing list) and some quick e-mail exchanges with Augustus and then Max himself, I was the proud owner of “Disaffection” by Max …

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Nov 24

Felt Fans Unite – Felt : Ballad Of The Fan by JC Brouchard

I was quite excited when Pol Dodu told me that there was a new book about Felt that was soon to be released and was even more ecstatic to get my own copy of this new book by the legendary JC Brouchard, about a fan’s insight into the many recordings of Felt and more. The …

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Nov 23

The Direct Hits – Blow Up! Revisited

If you think you are a Mod – You must read this! If you are a fan of the 60’s music – You must read this! If you are a fan of pure POP! music – You must read this! If you are a fan of the Television Personalities – You must read this! If …

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Nov 22

Music Is The New Social Icon

After trying to figure out just who The Social Icons are and what is their significance to life and just what is a Social Icon, I did a bit of research and came across an amazing discovery – The Social Icons represent the new society as we know it and Music has now become The …

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Oct 13

Now Available! 15 Beauty Tips For The Modern Pop Lover – Free Label Sampler

15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers Beauty 013 – Absolutely Free Everybody loves you when you are beautiful or at least when you listen to beautiful music. So we will provide you with a few beauty tips so that your life will be happier and more fulfilling and all this, with no strings attached, …

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Oct 13

The Social Icons : I’m there…you’re here (Beauty 016)

“I’m there…you’re here” was recorded over a two year period at Bova Sound Studios in Ottawa. The sessions once again united the group with esteemed engineer/producer Phillip Shaw Bova (Hilotrons/Belle Orchestre/Sadie Hell). Explaining how he came to suggest the album title, front man Nickolai says, ‘It was first just an audio clip used in “Stardust” …

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