May 31

For Immediate Release: Roy Moller – There’s a Thousand Untold Stories

Roy Moller - There's a Thousand Untold Stories

Roy Moller – There’s a Thousand Untold Stories

Roy Moller – There’s a Thousand Untold Stories.

Roy Moller follows in the fine tradition of the musical legends Bowie (David), Godard (Vic), Henderson (Davy), Cope (Julian) who weren’t satisfied with just blindly mimicking the music and sounds of their generation but sought and often succeeded in taking the music and lyrics into new realms. Never scared to try new sounds, Roy has created a vibrant body of work with his solo albums and has been called “Scotland’s Best-kept secret” by famed BBC DJ (and ex Fall member) Marc Riley when he was a guest on one of the Riley radio sessions.

In the words of Pennyblackmusic, Roy Moller is “one of Scotland’s most original contemporary songwriters” having already had some of his poetry and writings published. Louder Than War stated that “Moller’s lyrics are intelligent and witty, studded with intriguing cultural references.”

This new album (the second with the Beautiful Music), is the fruits of many years of work and the by-product of a hard working artist who has also moonlighted with The Store Keys, The Company, Jesus, Baby!, The 185 and probably many others that we’re not even aware of.

The title “There’s A Thousand Untold Stories” alludes to the years that went into compiling this album and some of the challenges that came with it, the stories behind the songs, along with and the significant developments in Roy’s life in discovering his birth mother was Canadian and the adventures that came with that. (Check out the story in the Toronto Star for some of those details)

In fact there were so many stories and songs, that “A Thousand More Untold Stories”, a bonus disc just had to be made. You have much to discover, the adventure awaits.



roy1000-tbmRoy Moller
There’s A Thousand Untold Stories
Beauty 027 Order this item now and receive the bonus disc, limited time offer
$14.00 CDN

In the words of Pennyblackmusic, Roy Moller is “one of Scotland’s most original contemporary songwriters” having already had some of his poetry and writings published. Louder Than War stated that “Moller’s lyrics are intelligent and witty, studded with intriguing cultural references.”
This new album (the second with the Beautiful Music), is the fruits of many years of work and the by-product of a hard working artist who has also moonlighted with The Store Keys, The Company, Jesus Baby, The 185 and probably many others that we’re not even aware of.

Jan 12

SKYTONE: Arts Illustrated Interview

Here’s a nice intimate visit with SKYTONE.








Arts Illustrated:

Jan 02

Flowers by Dot Dash video

Flowers by Dot Dash

Flowers by Dot Dash, a great new video for the song “Flowers” off of their latest album.

Here is a great review from the blog :, have a visit and enjoy a free download of the track.

“One of our favorite spring albums this year was Earthquakes & Tidal Waves by Washington, D.C. quartet Dot Dash. Terry Banks (vocals/guitar), Steve Hansgen (lead guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass) and Danny Ingram (drums), vets of Julie Ocean, Minor Threat, Swervedriver, The Saturday People, Youth Brigade, Modest Proposal and others, brew a muscular concoction of power pop, jangle and post punk.” …visit for more

Flowers by Dot Dash

Flowers by Dot Dash

Nov 02

Skytone Live at Fishfry

Skytone Live at Fishfry

Skytone Live at Fishfry

It was Some Kind of Beautiful Happening!

It was a special and rare occasion when a band like Skytone ventures out to perform live, and what a night it was! Only a select few were invited to this exclusive gathering where the fish was flown in from the northern extremities of Canada, and the fans came from far and near and all invited were provided complimentary copies of the new Skytone release of “Beach Ball & The Silver Frog”. It was a night to remember with all the ‘beautiful people’ and some ‘beautiful music’ and thankfully it was partially captured on video (see YouTube for a few excerpts) and the audio was bottled, and preserved for you to enjoy and share the excitement”. One spectator was overheard stating: “It was Some Kind of Beautiful Happening!”

Skytone Live at Fishfry

Now available from our store or on SKYTONE’s Bandcamp:

Apr 28

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Yellow Melodies tribute record to BMX Bandits!

Students of Life

Students of Life

This just in from our friends in Spain!

Press release:

Here we introduce you the new musical adventure by The Yellow Melodies, a tribute record to Duglas T. Stewart and his BMX Bandits.

These covers have been taken from the first Bmx Bandits’ releases, so here we can find two songs from their debut ‘C86’: “Your class” and “Whirlpool”; three others from their second album ‘Star Wars’: “Students of life”, “Extraordinary” and “Think tank”; and finally, the song that Dan Treacy from the TV Personalities wrote for the Bmx Bandits: “Girl at the bus stop”.

You may think this is another ordinary tribute record, but that wouldn’t reflect the reality. In this EP, where there used to be pianos now there are guitars, if it used to sound country now it sounds punk, the electric vibes turn into acoustic, some rhythm boxes are added, just as backing vocals,… brilliant changes touched by the fantastic band from Murcia.

They have taken care of all the details in the artwork, finding a connection with the honoured band, their songs and the pop musical scene. The inner sleeve of the 12″ vinyl features a lot of exclusive pictures and an interesting interview that Rafa Skam did to Duglas T. Stewart for his El Planeta Amarillo fanzine.

To sum up, Rafa Skam and his bandmates have shown all their love, admiration and respect for the glorious band, performing a new and fresh vision of all these classic tunes.

This record has been released on 12″ vinyl on the Spanish SWEET GROOVES Records label ( and on CD on the Canadian The Beautiful Music label (


Thanks so much to The Yellow Melodies, Duglas T. Stewart and his BMX BanditsSWEET GROOVES for helping us to make this happen!

Students of Life: A Tribute to BMX Bandits (CD)

The Yellow Melodies


$10.00 CDN

Here’s a great review already! :

Mar 15

Dot Dash’s : Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

Dot Dash’s 4th Album: Earthquakes & Tidal Waves (beauty 031)


Dot Dash’s : Earthquakes & Tidal Waves


Like its three predecessors — Half-Remembered Dream (released in 2013), WinterGarden Light (2012), and spark>flame>ember>ash (2011) — the new album is released by us. Earthquakes & Tidal Waves is the label’s 31st release.

This time out the Washington D.C.-based Dot Dash travelled 300 miles south to Fidelitorium Studios just outside Winston-Salem, North Carolina where, with the legendary Mitch Easter producing, the 10-track Earthquakes & Tidal Waves was recorded.

Although perhaps best known for his production work on R.E.M.’s first three records, Chronic Town, Murmur, and Reckoning, plus the band’s original indie 7”, Easter — who added a guitar lead to Earthquakes & Tidal Waves’ album-opening “The Winter of Discontent” and played piano on album closer “Sleep, Sleep” — has been a pivotal figure in melodic, left-of-center, guitar-based music for nearly 35 years, both with his own band, Let’s Active, and as a producer of bands such as The dB’s, Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr., Wilco, Pavement, and Ride, to name just a few.

In addition to working with a new producer, Dot Dash’s Earthquakes & Tidal Waves also marks the entrance of Dot Dash’s newest member, lead guitarist Steve Hansgen, who began musical life in the early 1980s as a member of hardcore pioneers Minor Threat and, later, Government Issue. Hansgen’s authoritative, melodically astute playing helps make Earthquakes & Tidal Waves Dot Dash’s most focused, dynamic effort yet.

Dot Dash’s Earthquakes & Tidal Waves is available as a CD (Beauty 031) directly from our secure, PayPal-enabled ordering portal (TBM store) at and shortly as a digital download via iTunes, Bandcamp,eMusic, and Amazon.Dot Dash info: Full streams of Earthquakes & Tidal Waves here:

Dec 09

DAGGER ZINE reviews our Sound tribute

“knowing the label’s eye for quality I knew it’d be a good one and it certainly is” –

A great review from a respected source!

Sep 25


Hot on the heels of their Beach Ball and the Silver Frog release, we now have a great rootsy live album recorded this summer onto two track at a cottage in Renfrew County.

Listen to it here:


Jul 19

NEW RELEASE: S K Y T O N E: Beach Ball and the Silver Frog

For Immediate Release:

S K Y T O N E: Beach Ball and the Silver Frog, the soundtrack to the summer!

On Bandcamp


Jul 16

Interview with Dot Dash & Free MP3

onStageHere is the English version of the latest interview from Troublezine:

– Ciao Terry, how are you? where are you writing from?

Hi, I’m fine, thanks.  I’m writing from Washington D.C.

– How did Dot Dash get started? I see that all the members in the band have had very different musical experiences. Both in the world of hardcore and in the world of pop. What is the thing that has united you with experiences so different?

I guess just a shared love of good songs, strong melodies, and exciting performances…  Danny and Steve (our new guitarist, who joined the band earlier this year) both started musical life, many years ago, as teenagers, in those kinds of bands, and Hunter likes that kind of stuff, too — I, personally, don’t know anything about hardcore, it was never my thing — but, overall, we have way more in common musically (and just in terms of our general creative approach) than we do not.  To me, the good thing about ‘punk’ is the attitude — of being direct and open and honest — moreso than some of the actual music.  Anyway, the combination seems to work really well!

– What was your initial vision for how you wanted the band to sound?

Melody.  Poetry.  Energy.  Brevity.

– After the positive reviews about the second record how did you approach to the work related to this great third one?

To be honest, we didn’t think about it too much or go in with any specific plan.  We always just try to follow our instincts.

– The record seems to be a step forward compared to the previous album: immediate melodies, noisy guitars, melancholy, sincerity and open spaces and and great attention to the rhythm and not just on guitars. It’s like the best of your previous album was concentrated in this one. Everything is more in focus and more direct. What do you think?

Thanks!  I agree that this last record is our best — glad you like it, too.  Our second record, Winter Garden Light, has a fair amount of stuff that’s darker (at least for us) and, in retrospect, lots of songs about death…  I still like that record a lot, and the first one, too, but this one just came together better and, as you say, is more focused and direct and just sort of fresher — not really sure why, maybe just good luck.


– Melody is vital on your record.  It seems everything was born in a very natural and spontaneous way, and it’s incredible how all your choruses lend themselves to becoming hymns. Am I exaggerating too much if I say that, right now, “Half?-?Remembered Dream” represents a true fundamental example of power pop?

Thanks again.  I totally agree that spontaneity and being natural is really important.  In short, it shouldn’t sound like you’re trying too hard, or maybe even trying at all…  And, yes, I think we are kind of a power pop band — albeit hopefully a sort of melancholic, slightly left of center, fairly visceral kind of power pop band, but, in any case, there’s no denying we’re in the neighborhood of power pop…  If I had to drop genre names, I feel like we, perhaps, combine post-punk withpower pop, but who knows…  Wally, who runs our label, The Beautiful Music — — says we’re “post mod” (kind of a mix of post-punk and mod) — I like that, too!


– You’ve been compared to big names like Superchunk, The Jam, Teenage Fanclub, The Buzzcocks. Personally, I adore your love for guitar sounds of the past (90s guitar-pop and C86) which are filtered through a modern taste. Can I tell you that the album has really carried me out of time? I suppose it’s a rare thing, to find songs which carry the listener out of space and time. Does this album communicate the same feelings for you?


Excellent — that’s very kind of you!   I’m not sure how the record makes me feel but I agree that the best music has that sort of ‘transcendent’ quality!

– ‘Hands Of Time’ leaves me speechless. Melodically speaking, I find it one of your best tracks ever. How was this song born?

Thanks so much.   The beginning guitar figure, which is sort of central to the song, just struck me as sort of a ‘prettier’ version of something Joy Division might have done.  I liked its melancholic, sort of regretful feel and it just sort of propelled me on from there…  It kind of feels a bit like a ‘torch song’ to me.  I really like it.  The outro has a bit of an ‘Orange Juice-meets-The Jam’ sort of feel — not that you can ever plan these things (or that any of it’s intentional) but that’s kind of how it sounds to me…

– Terry, what did your past musical experiences teach you? (If they did.)

Gee, I don’t know.  I think to achieve even modest things in music (and maybe everything in life) you have to just sort of dive in and do it.   Sitting around theorizing doesn’t usually result in much.  Also: sing loud!

– What are your memories of Sarah Records? Is it true that Cherry Red Records will publish a 2-CD St. Christopher compilation “Forevermore Starts Here”?

I didn’t play on any of St. Christopher’s Sarah releases (their last Sarah single came out about a month before I joined), although we did many of those songs live.  I really liked the time I spent in the band — we played shows all over the U.K., France, Germany, Holland, etc. — got to places like Denmark, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, all over the place — it was cool.  Yes, I’ve heard about the Cherry Red comp — well deserved.  They recorded a lot of stuff before before they were on the Sarah label — they’d been around maybe five years at that point.  I have a cassette somewhere of about 10-12 songs from 1983-ish, I think.  I remember one song is called ‘That Tinsel Feeling,’ which I liked as a title… I think the Cherry Red comp will have lots of that early stuff.  Their best record, if you ask me, was the ‘Forevermore Starts Here/Remember Me To Her/Sinking Ships’ EP — those songs are incredible.


– Do you have an example from the record of something popping up that you weren’t expecting?

Hmmm… On ‘A Light In The Distance’ I had to add a blood-curdling howl at end of one of the verses to fill up a little timing gap, and, at the last minute, I added what I think are some nice, jangly guitar overdubs to ‘Do Re Mi’ and ‘Shopworn Excuse,’ so maybe those…

– Thank you again for this interview and for the time you made for me. Which one of your songs do you think  could be the right closing soundtrack for the end of this interview?


Thank you too!    Hmmm… how about ‘(Here’s to) The Ghosts of The Past.’?   There’s a free MP3 of it here:

Original Link:

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