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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lost In An Imaginary World of Beauty – TBM Sampler V.A.

V.A. Lost In An Imaginary World (Beauty 053) Welcome to another crop of beautiful songs from our imaginary world. Imaginary, you say, why Yes as we practically don’t even exist and work with many bands that way too few people have heard of, that may as well be a figment of your imagination. It’s a …

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For Immediate Release: “I Found That Essence Rare” – The Sounds Of Beauty (V.A)

“It’s a rare thing to find a song that really makes you happy, inspires you and makes you want to shout out, at the top of your voice about the wonderful discovery so that everyone else can enjoy it too. Like the song by Gang of Four that provides the title of this sampler, we …

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New Sampler Now Available

Once again we are proud to release our new label sampler. The free download is available here: A Brilliant Escape. Here is what people are saying: “it’s a tasty collection and an antidote to whatever I’m trying to escape from!” “those …moments when you’re half listening to something and a song or a sound …

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New Releases in Cue!

Here’s a quick note to start the hype for the new Dot Dash album ( in final stages of production, Roy Moller’s latest , TVP4 and our latest free online sampler being released online this week!! Hope to hear from you soon! TBM

Now Available! 15 Beauty Tips For The Modern Pop Lover – Free Label Sampler

15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers Beauty 013 – Absolutely Free Everybody loves you when you are beautiful or at least when you listen to beautiful music. So we will provide you with a few beauty tips so that your life will be happier and more fulfilling and all this, with no strings attached, …

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