NEW RELEASE! “LIFE” by The Yellow Melodies

Life by The Yellow MelodiesWe are extremely proud to be involved in the release of “one of SPAIN’S finest power pop bands who are hero’s of their craft!” as Jeremy from Jam Records once described them. He went on to say: “The Yellow Melodies are engaged in the indie sounds of bands like Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, BMX Bandits … and the Pooh Sticks. The innocent sound of these bands once created a new movement that is still influential today! The Yellow Melodies pay sincere tribute to that movement in a most effective way! Hail the indie pop scene!”

Rafa Skam, from The Yellow Melodies once described Duglas T Stewart (BMX Bandits) as a band who had “a love of POP with capital letters, with an extraordinary musical sensitivity, an authentic and charming type” and those words I think capture the essence of The Yellow Melodies perfectly. They are a band who truly love POP, regardless of its shape or form, whether it’s indie pop, psych pop, orchestral pop, power pop, mod or beat, its first and foremost pure POP! They play music from the heart, with true passion and with style and flair. They remind you of (and are obviously inspired by) bands such as the Television Personalities, BMX Bandits, Monograph, The Wedding Present, The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Superstar, The Merrymakers, The Saturday People and many other similar bands and over the years have recorded many fine covers of some of their musical heroes (including 2 fine tribute EP’s for The Beautiful Music).

Their new album “Life”, their eighth album, contains nine brand new original songs, of the finest POP! you will hear this year and is being released in conjunction with their own label DISCOS IMPRESCINDIBLES and also HURRAH! MÚSICA for a vinyl edition for those so inclined. 

Here are a few more quotes from previous releases: “The Yellow Melodies are an indie pop band from Spain whose music combines classic jangle and harmony-filled indie Brit pop and psychedelic influences of the 60’s and 70’s with contemporary instrumentation and production, and a charming delivery.” (Ray -Koolkat); “Great Spanish power pop that explores a variety of power pop bands like The Church, Temples, Television Personalities, The Merrymakers, and Carrots. The band is very interesting and the sounds mix power pop and jangle with psychedelia. From time to time the orchestral flourishes bring a bit of Left Banke to the table” (Jeremy – Jam Records); “… the stars here are The Yellow Melodies, who put a vibrant sheen on each track, with appealing hooks and great harmonies” (Scott – When You Motor Away); anyway you get the idea – this is a release you will love and treasure for years.

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LIFE by The Yellow Melodies/em>
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