Skytone JangleWaves
Skytone Janglewaves inside cover
Skytone Janglewaves cover

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Sometimes, music catches you like that.

I’m that old I have no idea what music like this is called anymore. Makes you wonder about the power of words, if the names are so interchangeable and forgettable and meaningless. Ottawa band SKYTONE have no problem with labels though. Ottawa band SKYTONE call their album JangleWaves, and that is what Ottawa band Skytone’s album is. Waves of jangle. Guitars held high, across the chest. Bare knees. Bare knees jangle. In jeans and sneakers. Everett True


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Random pics

Skytone @ 711
Live @ the "Fishfry"
Skytone in Bangkok
Skytone Live in the Sun

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