2016 finalé: That year sounded beautiful!

That year sounded beautiful! Another year has come and gone and what a year it’s been, it’s been our most successful years to date and we’re not talking about making any money, as our fame is only imaginary, but we’re talking about getting our music heard by folks around the world. Isn’t that what it’s all about. Wally even made a few guest appearances on CKCU including a great show with Steve Kirkland for their funding drive and a few surprise visits to the Wednesday Special Blend with DJ tic and he also joined the amazing team at This Is How It Feels To Be Indie on Coast & County Radio (Thanks Adam!). We had quite a few releases also.


Dot Dash

This year Dot Dash released their 5th and loudest album and their songs were featured on countless radio stations with a BIG thanks to CKCU (Dick, tic & Steve), Adam Jeffrey at Coast & County Radio, Indi Pulse & many others. The reviews have been amazing and they have also made quite a few year-end “best of” lists and rightfully so as anyone who has heard their music has been blown away by their talent. Two blogs even put together compilation releases of their songs – Last Day Deaf:


Which even had a fine review of the free sampler here by the amazing “When You Motor Away” Blog:


Another sampler with 10 free songs can be found on the “This Is Indie” blog here:



Roy Moller

After many years of compiling Roy released not one but 2 amazing albums in one with Loader Than War making this fine observation”Moller’s latest missive is a tour de force of sparkling lo-fi gems, recorded with the immediacy of a Ty Segall album, but anchored in timeless songwriting” – http://louderthanwar.com/roy-moller-theres-a-thousand-untold-stories-album-review/

and Pennyblack Music commented that this album “is yet another triumph for the Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Roy Moller. It comes (if you get your hands on an early copy) with a limited edition bonus disc and is packed with the great stories and melodies that he is renowned for.” – http://www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk/MagSitePages/Review/10480/R/Roy-Moller-CD-There-is-a-Thousand-Untold-Stories

This album is a treasure just waiting to be discovered.



Although not releasing a physical product this year (excluding a few promotional CD’s that slipped out), the boys have been hard at work putting together their new album and have released at least 4 singles so far from the new album, and they have been magnificent examples of the genre they invented “Janglewave” and you can hear them on their Bandcamp page – https://skytone1.bandcamp.com/

Another highlight has been working with the legendary John Girgus (Aberdeen, The Legendary House Cats, & more) on a Remix of “On My Mind” which has taken the song to new hights and rivals some of the best remixes that New Order have released.


TVP Tribute – Volume 4

Although promised for release in 2016, have no fear, we are getting closer, it’s just our excitement gets ahead of us at times. It is coming and it’s coming soon. A few songs were leaked on CKCU and “This Is How It Feels To Be Indie” if you happened to be listening and you know this will be the most amazing tribute of 2017.


how’s that for a start