Apr 06

Diary of a Young Man

So a many years back my good friend Wally gave me a cassette, a mixed tape he put together, he created a series of tapes called “The Beautiful Music” some of it was brilliant and most of it I didn’t quite get, I realize now that maybe I just wasn’t ready for it!

So on this journey through many mixed tapes, unlabeled CDs and artwork done in Excel(can he really do that!) Wally some how opened my mind to hear the genius behind the obscure and what I had thought was the real deal was really not real after all. In this education he exposed me to an artist that I believe is a true genius and though many may have something to say in disagreement… Dan Treacy and Television Personalites in my mind have definitely earned their place in the history of music in the 20/21st century.

And without further adieu I present the song that connected us with Dan himself and putting us on his personal top ten list, (we were actually #14 just after Twiggy and before William Shatner).

This is the original recording we did before our album was mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova, this versions has a raw edginess about it that I love. I hope you enjoy.

Diary of a Young Man

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