Jamming with Skytone

We took some time out this summer and did a little recording with Skytone up at Mink Lake. Here is the first, more to come.

May 15

Eldorado: A Return to the Classics

I’ve always had a hard time explaining the lyrics to this song but at the time I meant it 100%. There had come a time in my life that I had just given up on love and in that fleeting moment I wrote Eldorado. For the sake of the listeners I thought I’d include the lyrics this time since it is sang pretty quick.

Ps. I have since totally recovered …and yes I believe in love again!



All I wanna do is drive around the world in my Eldorado, Eldorado, Eldorado.
I don’t want a woman, just wanna ride in my Eldorado and cruise all my blues away.

I was deprived as a boy because I never had a dog who could catch a Frisbee.
Just don’t ask me, I get dizzy.
I was deprived as a man because I never had a woman who could shut up and kiss me,
rub my back and walk this way.(singer exaggeratedly wiggles his butt) Olé!

All I wanna do is drive around the world in my Eldorado, Eldorado, Eldorado.
I don’t want a woman, just wanna ride in my Eldorado and cruise all my blues away.

Well it’s long and black and takes no flack, on the highway, in the driveway or by the Bi-Way.
I bought myself a dog and clipped his nails and he drives with me. We need no women to mutilate our lives.

All I wanna do is drive around the world in my Eldorado, Eldorado, Eldorado.
I don’t want a woman, just wanna ride in my Eldorado and cruise all my blues away.

If you find me when I’m dead and gone, I bet you all my root-beer I still got my seat-belt on!
All I wanna do is drive around the world in my Eldorado and cruise all my blues away!

We sit on the hood in the evening sun and grow tomatoes, dream of Barbados and smell the rosados.
Dig holes for our bones in the summertime and change the oils an’ if I’m drunk I let him drive!

All I wanna do is drive around the world in my Eldorado, Eldorado, Eldorado.
I don’t want a woman, just wanna ride in my Eldorado and cruise all my blues away.

May 02

Eastwing video featuring the legendary ILL MITCH!

So we were in the need of some videos for our songs…   I wrote ill mitch and the rest is pure gold!

Thanks ill mitch, forever may your board be fast and danger!

Apr 29

…about living here in Ottawa

There is a type of madness that brews in our heads after the long winters here in Ottawa. The urge to get to the beach and enjoy the hot sun and surf. I’m sure its not particular to our snowy home but it has sprung some great ways of coping with the extended winter blahs.

I have a way a dreaming about how great it was back in the early 60’s to live the beach life of the Big Kahuna or Moondoggie, just livin’ off the beach and surf, with a cheap guitar and twist party every night. A big influence in my style is the surf/garage music of that time and when I moved to Ottawa I discovered a really cool connection to another surf lover from Ottawa, Jeremy S. Gluck who you may know as the frontman of the legendary surf/garage band, The Baracudas. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeremy in the past when Wally released his album “This is… Jeremy Gluck”. Check out “summer fun”:

On a side note, I heard tell of surfy/mods vs. rocker type gangs here in the Capital back in the 60s, The Yohawks vs. The Squirrels…  (Jeremy just sent me this link, thanks Jeremy!)

All this to say here is our big surf song called “Malibu” I was heavy into the Barracudas when I wrote this: Malibu by The Social Icons

and here is the other song we wrote about living here in Ottawa…Cincinnati: Cincinnati by The Social Icons

Apr 24

Total Recall: The Sound covered by TSI

A lot has been written about the late Adrian Borland (6 December 1957 – 26 April 1999) but I really don’t think it has ever sunken in, over on this side of the pond, what a true legend Adrian and his band “The Sound” were. Sadly when we talk about the band and the genius behind it people look at us sideways but just listening to the passion in his songs along with the lyrics and arrangements, they were are at par with the greats of the post-punk era if not surpassing.

It was quite easy to convince us to get into the studio to work on a track for an upcoming tribute to “The Sound” we chose one of my favorite tracks “Total Recall”. There was a delay in the TBM release of the comp but instead we were given an opportunity to release it on our debut EP in Berlin for Vollwert.

I hope this track and the upcoming TBM tribute will allow us to spotlight once again some of the incredible music crafted by Adrian. Look him up you will not be disappointed!

Total Recall

Apr 15

“Go Whenever You Go” – Nick Danger and The Danger City Rebels with DJ tic

What The Nosebleeds are to The Smiths, The New Yardbirds are to Led Zeppelin and The Originals to The New Originals is what The Danger City Rebels are to us.
After almost 5 years of trying to shake to reference I have decided to embrace it. A few days ago I found a cassette that Wally had put a compilation of our radio appearances on.

In 2002, I wanted to put together a rockabilly outfit but I chose unlikely canditates, CHUNKK Neilson, a funk drummer and “Popsicle” Pete Connell a bassist who was very much into punk/alternative. Needless to say it created a pretty unique sound.

Getting back to the cassette, it contained our very first radio appearance on CKCU Special Blend with DJ tic. I had no idea what I was doing and it is evident with the line spoken “Ok, go whenever you go” I thought musicians usually used numbers to count in, lol. Those years were a lot of fun thanks to everyone who supported us, long live the DCR!

This is that track: Going Down (Cyranno)

Apr 10

In the Heart of Winter on Ottawa Live Music

One of the greatest things about being based out of Ottawa is the support for local independent musicians. not only from fans, clubs and venues but also from the local media. On such example is “Ottawa Live Music“, it is a great show hosted by Charles Anthony and Aiden Mackean on CKCU. The difference with this show is the live off the studio floor, no pre-recorded performances, no taped delay, listener participation and open telephone lines. It was a scream to play we had an awesome time. Most of our session was rocking it but we took a moment at the end to play a track that is going to be featured on our upcoming album.

Here is that track: In the Heart of Winter

Apr 06

Diary of a Young Man

So a many years back my good friend Wally gave me a cassette, a mixed tape he put together, he created a series of tapes called “The Beautiful Music” some of it was brilliant and most of it I didn’t quite get, I realize now that maybe I just wasn’t ready for it!

So on this journey through many mixed tapes, unlabeled CDs and artwork done in Excel(can he really do that!) Wally some how opened my mind to hear the genius behind the obscure and what I had thought was the real deal was really not real after all. In this education he exposed me to an artist that I believe is a true genius and though many may have something to say in disagreement… Dan Treacy and Television Personalites in my mind have definitely earned their place in the history of music in the 20/21st century.

And without further adieu I present the song that connected us with Dan himself and putting us on his personal top ten list, (we were actually #14 just after Twiggy and before William Shatner).

This is the original recording we did before our album was mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova, this versions has a raw edginess about it that I love. I hope you enjoy.

Diary of a Young Man

Apr 04

Submarine or should we say U-Boot

Here is one of our tracks that we were privileged to release on our debut EP. We were asked to be a part of a legendary CD series called Edition 59 form the German record label “Vollwert” in Berlin. We were on the roster with such greats as The Laughing Apple, Biff Bang Pow, Phil Wilson, Apple Orchard and more.

Allow us to present Submarine

Submarine – The Social Icons



Mar 30

Photo Gallery Added

Thanks to our fans and friends who have sent us these great pics! Please keep them coming. – nd

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