TVP Tribute Series

The Dream Inspires

“Preposterous like life – As labours of love go, you don’t get any more tenderly put together a tribute than these albums, the initial efforts in a planned 10-volume bow at the feet of Television Personalities. The gorgeous folly of bringing together so many different artists covering Dan Treacy’s songs is matched only by the passionate grace of the approach.” Joe Shooman – Record Collector

“It is an idea that is both bonkers and admirable, as if the label is trying to make up for all the praise and recognition that the band has sadly missed out on over its 30 plus year existence.” Mark Rowlan,

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In early 2002 I had an idea to put together a tribute to one of the greatest bands of our time, Television Personalities (actually we had plans to do several tributes to great bands that we loved like The Sound, Shack, The Mighty Wah, The Wild Swans, Aztec Camera, Modern English, The Waterboys, Jonathan Richman, and a few others, but once rumours of the TVP tribute were leaked it took on a life of it’s own).

Who? … they said.

Three albums and three bonus discs later (as well as a joint vinyl release with Sweden’s But Is It Art? Label), we are well on our way to the global recognition of the influence and mark Dan Treacy has already made on the world music scene. They are the new Velvet Underground, if not the Beatles for an indie generation. We have had songs contributed from around the globe and overwhelming interest (that sees no sign of letting up) that has thrown us forward to the target of a ten volume set – each with their very own bonus disc ( …if not clear onto 20).

The Tribute

Many bands over the years have cited Television Personalities as an influence with bands such as Peter Bjorn and John, MGMT, Titus Andronicus, Jens Lekman, Jeffrey Lewis, The Tyde, The Futureheads, and many many more doing covers in recent years. They have been influential over the past three decades on more bands than I can mention – even Nirvana asked to have them play as their backup band when they toured England. Check out the huge list of bands who have covered their material on the numerous websites set up to pay tribute to the band – google Television Personalities covers. This tribute is one that is long overdue and is the first of its kind. No one had ever compiled an entire album of TVP covers before and now 10 volumes are on the way – it doesn’t get crazier than this. More importantly, this tribute has gone to great lengths to involve artists and bands who not only have a love and respect for the band, but in many cases actually have links to the band that spawn the breadth of their career, featuring an international cast of fans old and new (and some names you will definitely recognize).

The idea behind the project was, when we started, to compile some of the already recorded covers (many of which were getting very hard to locate, being released on out of print 7” singles or compilations) as well as trying to get bands who have either done covers of TVP in the past, had some connection to the band, were fans of TVP or have a sound that we like, that would make for great covers of Television Personalities songs. A few previously released songs were included (slightly remixed and remastered) but the majority of the songs were newly recorded covers.

This CD series is not attempting to cover all their best songs but rather a collection of some of my favorite songs being performed by a many of my favorite artists. It includes some well-established bands and some relatively unknown but extremely talented new artists. This tribute has been in the works for a few years now (nine already and still counting) and it has developed into a truly international compilation as you can see from the track listing of the first three volumes.

Background – A Little About The Band and The People

Television Personalities were a true visionary band, when it came to musical styles, mixing Mod, Psychedelic, Folk, Soul and Freakbeat with true 60’s Pop sensibility. From their early “Part Time Punks”, and “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives” singles to the later “Sad Mona Lisa” and “A Sense of Belonging” they always displayed the unique ability to capture the feelings of life and express them beautifully in songs and also portrayed the keen observation techniques used by the Kinks years earlier.

TVP have had an interesting and diverse musical career, mostly focused on the underground music culture, but influencing many who have strayed into the mainstream. Alan McGee, the purveyor of fine music and owner of Poptones (The Hives, Cosmic Roughriders) and previously Creation Records (Oasis, Teenage Fanclub, Nikki Sudden, Primal Scream, Ride, Phil Wilson, Apple Boutique, etc.) is a fan of TVP and with his band Biff Bang Pow did a wonderful cover of “Someone to Share My Life With”. He also released several songs on Dan Treacy’s Whaam! record label under the band names The Laughing Apple and The Revolving Paint Dream (with early Primal Scream member Andrew Innes) both which were rerecorded and released on Creation records later.

Many other bands were offshoots of TVP or started out on labels run by the band or former band members. Dan Treacy started Whaam! Records which featured among many others The Times, Direct Hits, The Gifted Children (TVP’s alter ego), Dr. & The Medics, Page Boys (Colin Gregory and David Walmsley later became 1,000 Violins), The Mixers, Jed Dmochowski, Marine Girls (featuring a young Tracy Thorn who would later gain worldwide acclaim as part of the group Everything But The Girl with Ben Watt). Dreamworld Records was the next generation and featured many new bands such as The Impossible Years (Does anyone know what happened to them?), 1,000 Violins (Colin Gregory later enjoyed some fame with The Dylans), Mighty Lemon Drops, Bluetrain, A Riot Of Colour, Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, Go! Service, The Looking Glass and releases by TVP.

Edward Ball was one of the co-founders of Television Personalities and moved on to an illustrious and extensive musical career (over 30 releases and still counting) with the Times, Teenage Filmstars (whose song “I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape” was a true classic), and Edward Ball solo material. Ed also helped Alan McGee with Creation Records and worked on many side projects on the Creation label such as Love Corporation (with Alan McGee), Sand, the Boo Radley’s as well as running his own record label and assisting numerous other bands (he even played with the Jetset another one of my favorite bands).

Joe Foster was the genius behind some of the unique sounds on the timeless The Painted Word album (not to mention countless other releases). After leaving TVP he also helped Alan with the founding of Creation Records and played on and/or produced many of the releases on Creation, August, Poptones. Joe Foster also founded the amazing Kaleidescope Sound Record Label which released some amazing material by the Sneetches, The Bounty Hunters (Dave Kusworth’s band), Joe Foster, Surf Drums and introduced the world to My Bloody Valentine who would later record for Creation to much critical acclaim. Joe also started RevOla to reissue many of the rare gems from the past and present and his latest version of this label is now run through Cherry Red records in the UK. (He is currently running the Poppydisc label)

Some other band members included Dave Musker, who also played on many early Creation records by The Revolving Paintdream and The Jasmine Minks, Mark Flunder, who later went on to the McTells and is currently working with Sportique. Jowe Head (ex-Swell Maps, Soundtracks & Head, The Palookas) joined the band later on and helped form the essential core of the band in the final years – he is has more recently been in the band Angel Racing Food and many others as well as releasing solo recordings on the Topplers label. I’m sorry for missing many others which I know little about – so please fill me in on these details – although I think they would easily fill a book.

There is so much that can be written about Television Personalities but it doesn’t do them justice – You must hear the Music – so go out and buy one of their albums (start with The Painted Word, Privilege, or And Don’t The Kids Just Love It – which are some of my favorites). Maybe one day someone will make the movie …

Some Highlights of The Tribute So Far

Alan McGee, owner of Poptones and (ex-Creation Records boss – see details above) has agreed to write some quotes for the liner notes for the Tribute CD and also provide his cover version of “Someone To Share My Life With” by Biff Bang Pow. Joe Foster – (ex TVP, Slaughter Joe, Selofane 74 and labels Creation, Poptones, RevOla, Kaliedescope Sound) has also agreed to help with the project along with some assistance by Edward Ball (ex-TVP). Jowe Head has given us some encouragement to continue and dug up an old rare Swell Maps cover of 14th Floor. David Musker (ex TVP, Jasmine Minks, Revolving Paint Dream) passed on the offer to do a cover as he doesn’t have a band together at this time but has offered to play in a regrouped TVP if they get back together. Dan Treacy has provided us much support and suggestions of bands to contact.

Some Info on Past Contributors:

Nikki Sudden (UK – Swell Maps, Jacobites), actually contacted us and we were in shock for days when he told us he had started recording a version of “If I Could Write Poetry” many years earlier for the “Texas” album with his brother Epic Soundtracks on drums but it never was completed. He offered to complete it for our tribute, which he did as well as write the liner notes for volume 1 as he had many fond memories of some early TVP shows and had much respect for Dan.

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The Paisley Shirts (Scotland) who have done quite a few covers of TVP songs in the past have agreed to do a version of “Sad Mona Lisa” which was originally to be released on the Roman Cabbage record label but never saw a proper release for this rare gem. They have also contributed a version of “The Dream Inspires”

Phil Wilson (UK – June Brides) – Anyone who knows us, knows that we love Phil and The June Brides (they were on our Pop compilation!), so we bugged and we encouraged and we were so happy when Phil provided us with his wonderful version of “God Snaps His Finger” – Thanks so much Phil! And for supporting us through the years. Phil has some amazing new records out on Slumberland that are a must for Pop fans.

Lovejoy (UK) (ex Blueboy, Arabesque, Beaumont, Feverfew) who also record for Matinee records and who have recently done a few excellent covers of Biff Bang Pow (Alan McGee’s old band) songs with one on their amazing CD “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”.

The BMX Bandits (Scotland) – We knew that Duglas was a fan when we heard the story of how Dan Treacy wrote the “Girl at the Bus Stop” for the BMX Bandits to Record and that they also recorded a version of “Someone To Share My Life With” for a split single with the TVP’s where the TVP’s covered the BMX Bandits song “Your Class”. Thanks to Duglas for letting us use this gem of a song! The BMX Bandits are an amazing band that deserves a tribute to them and it was great to hear that a new movie documenting the band will be released in 2011 called “Serious Drugs”.

The Shambles (USA) who have previously done some exceptional covers of The Undertones, The Jetset, Squire and The Jam (and countless others) for tribute CD’s and have an extensive body of brilliant original songs have agreed to do a cover of the title track for the CD ” If I Could Write Poetry” and Bart contributed the liner notes of volume 2 after meeting Nikki Sudden.

The Thanes (Scotland) have provided a new remix of their cover of “The World of Pauline Lewis” (previously on a rare split 7″ single with the Slow Slushy Boys released in France). Lenny Helsing (formerly of the Green Telescope) played drums for the Television Personalities on their USA 93 and Japan 94 tours.

Biff Bang Pow (UK) (Alan McGee’s Legendary Mod Pop band) – have provided their cover of “Someone to Share my Life With” which has been previously released on Creation records. Thanks Alan for this and the quotes.

Sixtynine and the Continuous People (Italy) covering “The Girl Who Had Everything” (Filippo Dulio also also runs one of the very cool TVP tribute websites). They have also recorded many more TVP songs for their own releases as well as a rare TVP song for their 7” single on Felicite Records.

Thy Surfyn Eyes (Barcelona, Spain) have also agreed to contribute a song “Le Grande Illusion” and have done many TVP covers in the past (they also compiled a 4 song 7″ tribute to TVP done in Spanish by 4 bands from Spain).

The Higher Elevations (Sweden) – Niklas Gustafsson an old fan of TVP provided a wonderful version of “The Engine Driver Song”. They have also released several amazing albums on Little Teddy and Time For Action labels as well as compiled a TVP tribute on Sweden’s But Is It Art? Label. Niklas continues to record with French chanteuse Friday Bridge for But Is It Art? and under the name This Years Model for Marsh Marigold. He is a musical genius!

Nick Danger & The Danger City Rebels (Canada), a band influenced by The Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman with some Hank Williams, who are also TVP fans, submitted a haunting cover of “Diary Of A Young Man”. Nicolai has also had releases on the Jumping Elephants label, and more recently Edition 59 with his new new band The Social Icons (who also have a release on the beautiful music).

Colin Swan (UK) – One of my long time favorites with his bands the Direct Hits and This Happy Breed along with countless other projects on the Direct Records and Tapes empire. The Direct Hits started out with releases on Dan Treacy’s Whaam! Record label in the eary 1980’s and has previously released 4 covers of TVP songs on Little Teddy Records (which Dan was quite fond of and had previously released on Dreamworld Tapes). He will provide a new and smashing version of “Silly Girl” as performed by The Cult 45’s. Some of the songs from his 7” are also featured on the bonus discs if you managed to get one.

Summer Factory (France) who have releases on Little Teddy and some other releases in France – They are massive TVP fans and have completed a cover of “Look Back In Anger” for the tribute sounding a bit like the Jam meets PIL.

The Bartlebees (Germany) who have done many TVP covers in the past and even released a split 7″ single with Television Personalities and also own and operate the fabulous Little Teddy Records – they provided the rare TVP song “And Then Suddenly”.

The Happy Couple (Germany) who released a cool 7″ single on the Felicite record label which is operated by music fan and Happy Couple member Tom Hilverkus provided a version of “The Dream Inspires”. The Happy Couple also had a wonderful EP on Matinee Records as well as an album on Quince Records which are both well worth searching out.

Darrell Whitbeck, (USA) huge TVP (and Syd Barrett) fan, of New York doing a really cool version of “Stop & Smell The Roses” with strings and all. He also runs the very cool Windless Air Music who have compiled a tribute to Syd Barrett and the amazing compilation “Falling Uphill”.

Pacific Radio (UK) (ex-Monograph – Shinkansen recording artists) have chosen “This Time There’s No Happy Ending” and did a smashing version. Pacific Radio’s never released second album is amazing and hopefully will be released one day.

Container Drivers (UK) doing a version of “A Picture of Dorian Gray” with some pretty amazing guitar work. Keg also runs an extensive TVP fan site. The Container Drivers were also be featured on the “Falling Uphill” compilation as well as the tribute to the fall that was compiled by The Woog Riots and also had a single released on Topplers Records.

Vince Keenan / Spiggott (UK) (ex-One Thousand Violins, Splendid Fellows, Haze Office) has contributed a very modernized version of “Salvadore Dali’s Garden Party” with the assistance of Zane from Vib Gyor.

Pub Fiction (Germany) have as their contribution – a wonderful rendition of “3 Wishes” with a very strong TVP influence which is also heard on their original material. Keep your eyes out for possible future releases by these guys.

Woog Riots (Germany) which feature ex-members of the band Milton Fisher, recorded a cool song entitled “Television Personalities” a few years back which was a song made up almost exclusively of TVP song titles and featuring an intriguing horn solo. They have many other releases available.

The Groovy Cellar (Germany) which features Olaf Schumacher who is a huge TVP fan (he previously covered La Grande Illusion with his band The Most Wanted Men) and with The Groovy Cellar provided a beautiful version of “Say You Won’t Cry” with a hint to Edward Ball. His latest Groovy Cellar releases are on the fabulous Firestation Records. They will likely also contribute to the upcoming Times / Edward Ball tribute.

The Lochness Mouse (Norway) Ole Johannes Åleskjær will contribute their version of “Favorite Films” which is long time favorite of theirs. Their CD “Key West” on Perfect Pop records is a true brilliant landmark Pop recording which blends the sounds of Brian Wilson/Beach Boys with elements of The Pearlfishers, Ladybug Transistor and The BMX Bandits making it an amazing release. The song “Narrow Gauge Railways” was featured on the “Into The Jetstream Of Pop” release. They have many more releases which are all worthy to be sought out.

The Baskervilles (New York, USA) – Rob Keith and his Baskervilles who are heavily influenced by early TVP have had several fantastic releases on the very cool Secret Crush record label. Their version of “Parties In Chelsea” features a mini TVP medley.

The Void (UK) – Feature Ulric Kennedy an ex member of the Catalysts (Felicite Records) and a teenage Mixers (Whaam! Recording artists) doing “Perfumed Garden”. Ulric also recorded under the band name The Golden Dawn for Sarah records. The Catalysts and The Void have been featured on several releases now including the amazing cover of the Direct Hits “Miranda Berkeley”.

The No Men (UK) – Henry Allan, owner of Topplers Records, has recorded many TVP covers (actually a full album’s worth) in the past and we have featured many of these on the tribute, with more to come.

Miniskirt (Japan) – This German / Japanese band are Big TVP fans and will be contributing a track to the tribute. Check out the latest release from this Tokyo based guitar pop band which is soon to be released on Marsh-Marigold Records – their first album WOODY ALLEN LIKES GUITAR POP is also well worth checking out. Miniskirt will also be included on the upcoming Sound tribute with a Pop version of “Counting The Days”.

Semion (UK) – 60’s influenced garage Pop sensations have provided us their version of “The Prettiest Girl In The World” – it is very groovy. They have an amazing album and single available that would make any Teenage Fanclub fan drool and we hope there is more to come.

The Mandervilles (Sweden) – A Surf influenced garage Pop band who we hoped would become a household name (but sadly have vanished – we can’t even contact them) submitted three brilliant versions of “Where’s Bill Grundy Now” making it very hard to choose so we included two versions on the various volumes. They featured members from another cool Swedish band that you might want to check out – Lola Barbershop.

To Be Continued as there are so many more bands that have helped out that I have not said anything about yet.

Some Potential Future Contributors:

Simon Bish and Andy Fonda (UK) have already released an EP of TVP covers which we will pillage to feature on the next volume. Simon runs the magnificent Pop Noise label and played in John Peel favourites’ Thrilled Skinny as well as Noise Annoys Simon and Andy plays in so many bands it is hard to keep track but his band Some Beans are well worth checking into.

Peter Bjorn and John who often feature a version of Silly Girl in their live set and have recorded a version for the b-side to an early single. We hope to get their permission to use this cover.

The Yellow Melodies (Spain) – When we asked Rafa Skam for a TVP cover he came back with no less than five (5) supremely brilliant covers by his band The Yellow Melodies, which prompted us to release an EP which is coming soon that feature all 5 songs as well as one of these will also be on the next volume. The Yellow Melodies have many other releases to sink your ears into.

Jed Dmochowski (UK) who is now playing with the Tranquilizers (with an album out soon) has a very interesting musical heritage, having played with power pop mod band The VIP’s (with members going to form The Mood Six) in the late 70’s and releasing the magnificent “Stallions Of My Heart” LP on Whaam! Records. He has also played with the Blue Aeroplanes and has recorded various T-Rex Covers. He had one of songs recently featured on a Captured Tracks compilation mix CD and had the band Love Is All cover his song “Golly Gosh”.

The Clientele – When they played Ottawa a few years back, we got talking about the TVP’s and they told me that they did a version of “A Picture of Dorian Gray” in their live set the night before in Montreal. I’m still searching for a good live recording of this song or maybe I can convince them to record a studio version – Oh if only I had money – this would be easy.

Yo La Tengo (USA) – Another band who often do a smashing TVP cover in their live set and who we have been trying to track down, but for some reason we can’t seem to get through, but we’ll keep trying.

Midget Submarines (an old swell maps song title) (UK) which features Kenny Popple who played with Biff Bang Pow, the Laughing Apple and Revolving Paint Dream have chosen the song “You Are Special And You Always Will Be”. They also have a live version of “If I Could Write Poetry” somewhere on Youtube.

Club 8 (Sweden) Johan who is also in the band Acid House Kings, The Legends and a few others may provide a version of “Strangely Beautiful”. His latest Club 8 release is interestingly called Strangely Beautiful.

Next Time Passions (Greece) – I heard their wonderful cover of “If I Could Write Poetry” on Youtube and have contacted the band with the hopes that they will agree to provide us a cover or let us use the live recording which is pure Pop genius. They have also released some amazing stuff on This Happy Feeling label which sadly is very hard to find.

The Mighty Lemon Drops (UK) – Another of the Dreamworld Records Alumni and a band that we are hoping to encourage to reform to cover a TVP song for us. David has agreed to consider it and may record with another one of his bands if this does not materialize.

The Insomniacs (New York, USA) – We are hoping that these Estrus Recording artists are still interested in doing a version of “Scream Quietly”

Kosmonaut (UK) – Who have released a very cool 7″ on Matinee records called “Desert Song / Bee Song” which is nothing less than brilliant and has had other fine releases on Firestation Tower Records and other cool labels. Stephen has played in Bulldozer Crush before and now runs the label “This Almighty Pop” who released a brilliant covers Ep by Phil Wilson. Kosmonaut were also featured on Into The Jet Stream Of Pop (a Beautiful Music compilation).

Skytone (Canada) The Beautiful Music recording artist have toyed with versions of “Look Back In Anger” and “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming” but we wish they would hurry up and choose a song before we get to the 10th volume.

Anthony Meynell (UK) of Squire / Sugarplum fame and also was in the Boys About Town Mod Supergroup with Edward Ball (TVP/Times etc.), Paul Bevoir (Jetset, Smalltown Parade etc.), Simon Smith (too many to list) – we are still trying to convince him.

Paul Bevoir (UK) the British Pop genius and ex-member of the Jetset, Smalltown Parade, Melvyn & the Smarties and one of the people involved with the ultra cool Mod and Pop label Tangerine Records will provide us his version of “I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod” or at least we hope. Check out his solo records if you can find them – they are all brilliant, the latest “Days OF Wonder” probably being one of the best records of the past 10 years!

The Mad Scene (New York, USA) (who toured with TVP in the US and feature ex-members of The Clean, Go-Betweens) probably doing “Where The Rainbow Ends”. They have releases on Flying Nun, Merge and the Little Teddy record labels among others. One of their early EP’s features a very cool Echo & the Bunnymen cover.

The Ladybug Transistor (USA) – Merge recording artists from the US whose last few albums have been nothing short of Brilliant (come to think of it – they have never released a bad album – what band can say that?) and who I’m sure will soon be a household name. Gary Olson is a fan of TVP and even recorded a song with Jowe Head which is yet to be released.

The Resonars (USA) – The amazing 60’s influenced mod, freakbeat band who have released 4 very strong albums on Get Hip and other labels. They have agreed to give “The Dream Inspires” a try. Check out their “Lunar Kit” on Get Hip and their new album on Burger Records.

Comet Gain (UK) – Another amazing band who has recorded a wonderful Biff Bang Pow cover on their Realists CD and we have been trying to track down to do a TVP cover as we know they could do it justice.

The following is the reprint of some of the liner notes taken from the third volume
I bought ‘Part Time Punks’ from a second hand record shop in Reading. I used to catch the train there down a sleepy line where the train stopped at places I’d never heard of and that actually didn’t seem to exist, they were just names on a sign on a platform. The journey took an hour. I’d walk from Reading station to the record shop and flick through second hand 7” singles, buy a few and make the return journey.

I hadn’t heard ‘Part Time Punks’ or anything by the T.V. Personalities until I played that 7” when I got home. I was very confused the first time I played it, so I played it again. And again. Then it had me.

I was in a band myself, called Go! Service and by co incidence our drummer told us that Dan from the T.V. Personalities had a label, Whaam! Records and was looking for bands, he had an address so I posted off a demo. About a month later Dan ‘phoned to say he wanted to put a single out by us. We recorded ‘It Makes Me Realise’ in London and dropped the finished tape through the door of Dan’s flat in Clapham on Christmas Eve 1983.

It took a while for the record to come out as Dan had to change the name of the label, because Wham the band weren’t too happy! This gave Dan some cash to start Dreamworld. We played loads of gigs at The Room at the Top, where Dan put on bands above The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm. We supported The June Brides, That Petrol Emotion, The Housemartins as well as The T.V. Personalities and label mates 1,000 Violins and The Mighty Lemon Drops.

We were invited to support The T.V.P.s on their European Tour, September 1984. This was amazing. We were all very young, Rudy, the Go! Service guitarist, had his 17th birthday on tour, I was 18. We played dates in Germany, (Berlin before the Wall came down) Switzerland, Holland and Liechtenstein. We watched the T.V.P.s every night. I fell in love with ‘If I Could Write Poetry’ on this tour. Dan was always very funny on stage. Sometimes their sets would last hours. It was my first taste of rock and roll.

After the tour, we continued to play London at gigs Dan would organise. We had a slight line up change and now called ourselves Bluetrain. ‘Land of Gold’ was released on Dreamworld. We sort of drifted apart after that single came out.

Danny Hagan and myself kept song writing and eventually released music as It’s Jo and Danny. Dan wrote the sleeve notes to our debut album ‘Lank Haired Girl To Bearded Boy’. Dan’s songs and enthusiasm have always inspired me, I’m very flattered to have been asked to write the sleeve notes for this album. Thanks Wally and most especially, thanks Dan.

Jo Bartlett
January 2009

The Volume 1 liner notes by the late great Nikki Sudden
(This was reprinted from this site which is no longer active – )
The forthcoming Television Personalities Tribute Album which features Nikki covering If I Could Write Poetry will be out in a few months.

The version that appears in the compilation is a re-working of the version Nikki and Epic recorded back in 1986 – during the sessions for “Texas” – which was left unfinished, until recently when the vocals and mellotron was added. Nikki accordingly reveals,

“My brother, Epic Soundtracks and I recorded our version of my favourite Television Personalities song during the sessions for the “Texas” album. but I wasn’t able to sing it. When I tried a vocal track it seemed to be in the wrong key for me – so we left it unfinished. I always liked the backing track and always planned to complete it one day. When I saw Wally Salem was putting together a TVPs tribute set I thought that I should be able to sing it fine now, eighteen years on.”

We’ll try to keep you updated on the latest efforts, track listing and how you can participate.
So far I do not have a recording budget or much in the way of money to pay bands, they have all agreed to pay for their own recording costs – and I don’t expect to make much money on this – It’s more a labour of love.

Some of the bands have agreed to accepting copies of the final product as a small reimbursement for their costs which they can in turn sell. – I was hoping that bands would be able to benefit somewhat from the exposure and hopefully win new fans in unlikely places.

This will not be an exclusive recording and the bands will maintain full control over their music and can release it wherever they wish at a later date – I only ask to use this song on this compilation and possibly Label samplers some time in the future as the label grows.

Where To Send Your Submissions

Send CDR to:
The Beautiful Music
207 Bank Street #129
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2N2

And in conclusion – A Big Thank You To All Involved and especially the bands involved. I have been overwhelmed with the interest and willingness to help out with this crazy idea of mine but it is going to be one of the best tributes projects ever compiled.

Sorry if this is a little long but I am quite excited about this project and Thanks for your interest if you’ve read this far. It will make for an amazing compilation and a testament to great band.

Thanks Ever So Much
“The Dream Inspires”

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