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Volume 3: All Those Times We Spent Together

Tribute to Television Personalities: Volume 3

“It is an idea that is both bonkers and admirable, as if the label is trying to make up for all the praise and recognition that the band has sadly missed out on over its 30 plus year existence.” -Mark Rowlan,

Here are a couple of tracks to give you a sample of what you can expect:

A Good And Faithful Servant – Blue Petal by thebeautifulmusic

I Hope You Have A Nice Day – Cineplexx by thebeautifulmusic

The tracks on Volume 3 are as follows:

  1. The Years – This Angry Silence
  2. Anorak Girl – Smashing Time
  3. Blue Petal – A Good And Faithful Servant
  4. The Model Spy – I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  5. Jo Bartlett – If I Could Write Poetry
  6. A Smile & A Ribbon – Magnificent Dreams
  7. Sarandon – And Don’t The Kids Just Love It
  8. The Painted Word – The Painted Word
  9. The Hi-Life Companion – King And Country
  10. Amida – In A Perfumed Garden
  11. Armstrong – This Heart’s Not Made Of Stone
  12. Languis – Paradise Is For The Blessed
  13. Cineplexx – I Hope You Have A Nice Day
  14. Out Of Nowhere – 14th Floor (The Psychedelic Electro Mod Mix)
  15. Apple Orchard – The Dream Inspires
  16. La Grande Illusion – Glittering Prizes
  17. Jim Jasmine – A Sense Of Belonging
  18. Bunnygrunt – The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
  19. S/T – When The Dolphins Leave The Sea
  20. The Meek – All My Dreams Are Dead
  21. Cootie Shot – Jackanory Stories
  22. Jeremy Gluck and Superszar – King And Country
  23. Boyracer – This Angry Silence

All Those Times We Spent Together
A Tribute to the Television Personalities: Vol 3
Beauty 020
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