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Volume 4: Now Here!

danTTVP Tribute volume 4 (Beauty 025) – You are going to love it!!!!! There is so much that can be said about it, but I’ll just give you a few hints so you will get the sense of how grand this will be. The Legendary Paul Bonin from one of my all time favourites The Jetset has created a most beautiful version of the song “How I learned To Love The Bomb” with his band of merry men – The Chosen Few which will be contrasted by an equally amazing version of the same song by Mod greats The Dupont Circles.

A seven year world-wide search for Dreamworld recording artists, The Impossible Years, has located Todd Shuster as he is reviving his original band, The Jags (not the UK version), and efforts are under way for a blog interview and a TVP cover (which is now completed). Schuman The Human will serve up a hauntingly classic version of “Look Back In Anger” and even includes the fine talents of one of my favourite drummers and Creation Records staple, Dave Morgan (The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Rockingbirds, etc. etc.). You will certainly fall in love with The Just Joans cover, who have just released their first album (on vinyl!!) and will likely be a household name soon as they play many of the UK festivals. “Painting by Numbers” is given an interesting facelift by Norb Payr of The Jaybirds and Subcandies fame. Robert Scott from The Bats (who also released an amazing solo album recently) contributed a track as did fellow New Zealanders, The Puddle. Bright Lights Big Zombie’s beautiful take on “She’s my Yoko” and a submission by Japan’s The Penelope’s will guarantee your satisfaction. Ohhh and There’s So much more, but I’ve already said too much!

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