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A Brilliant Escape – The Happening Sounds of Beauty
Beauty 023 – Absolutely Free

A Brilliant Escape - The Happening Sounds of BeautyEscape from what you say? Are you tired of a dull and boring existence and are you looking for some excitement and something extraordinary to spice up your life? Well we may just have the solution to pull you out of those doldrums – A Brilliant Escape from the average and the ordinary; a trip into our wonderfully created, imaginary world where everything can be beautiful – here it is “The Happening Sounds Of Beauty”.

“Hold on a second, it’s just a label sampler” I hear you muttering under your breath, and although you may be partially correct, this is no ordinary label sampler, or a sly marketing plot by one of those rising corporations that’s eying your hard earned cash or your personal information. We love great music and we like to share; we gladly do this at our own expense. We don’t want anything from you except your time to listen to some of the best music you will likely hear all year and it’s completely free with no strings attached.

This label sampler is also quite different from our first foray into this territory, in that only 5 of the 18 tracks are ones that you may have heard before if you have all of our earlier releases. We are not just looking back – it’s more of a future sampler featuring the shape and sounds of things to come. We are sneaking you into our imaginary world to show you some exciting things we are working on and what is just beyond the horizon. We are also including a few non-beauty related gems of musical discovery that we have unearthed and thought that others would enjoy, so we are sharing them with you, with the kind permission of the artists involved (See below for more details).

“Beauty is in the ears of the listener” so go ahead and enjoy the getaway, kick the tires, give it a spin and tell us what you think or share with a loved one, play it on the radio, write about it, or whatever you want to do – it’s up to you.

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[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/01 Chinaski.mp3″ text=”The Model Spy – Chinaski (Beauty 028)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/02 Writing On The Wall.mp3″ text=”Dot Dash – Writing On The Wall (Beauty 022)”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/03 Your Class.mp3″ text=”The Yellow Melodies – Your Class (BMX Bandits Cover – Beauty 026)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/04 Summer That Never Ends.mp3″ text=”Skytone – The Summer That Never Ends*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/05 She Lives For The Moment.mp3″ text=”Pretty Eyes For Captain America – She Lives For The Moment (Beauty 025)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/06 This One.mp3″ text=”Armstrong – This One (Beauty 034)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/07 Stay.mp3″ text=”The Social Icons – Stay (Beauty 016)”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/08 Hidden Realms.mp3″ text=”Roy Moller – Hidden Realms (Beauty 027)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/09 Blue Fire.mp3″ text=”Self Love – Blue Fire (Instrumental) (Beauty 030)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/10 JustJoans.mp3″ text=”The Just Joans – I Hope He’s Everything You Wanted Me To Be (Beauty 025)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/11 Something That You Do.mp3″ text=”The Yellow Melodies – Something That You Do (Monograph Cover)**”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/12 Cincinatti.mp3″ text=”Nick Danger & The DCR – Cincinatti (Beauty 011)”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/13 One Fine Day.mp3″ text=”Skytone – One Fine Day (Beauty 018)”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/14 The Past Is Another Country.mp3″ text=”Dot Dash – The Past Is Another Country (Beauty 022)”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/15 Heartland.mp3″ text=”The Sharks – Heartland (The Sound Cover)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/16 Silly Girl.mp3″ text=”Chester – Silly Girl (Beauty 025)*”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/17 East Wing Remix.mp3″ text=”The Social Icons – East Wing Remix (Original on Beauty 016)**”]


[wpaudio url=”http://thebeautifulmusic.com/mp3/mp3s/18 The Winner Takes It All.mp3″ text=”Mark Crozer & The Rels – The Winner Takes It All (ABBA Cover)**”]


* – Taken From An Upcoming Release On The Beautiful Music

** – Non-Beauty Prime Cut / Unreleased Rarity

All songs used by kind permission of the artists.

Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova. Design by Spacecat Media.

Morphsuit by Amberly & Micaela, Modeled by Dahlia, Photography by Audrey.

Additional Info For Music Fans Like Us:

The Model Spy from Greece, you may recall, was already featured on volume 3 of our Television Personalities tribute series, but this instrumental track was included on a self released EP (which is superb, if you can track down a copy) from several years back. We have been saving this song to include on our long overdue instrumental compilation “The Many Moods Of Beauty” which will eventually see the light of day. This one goes out to dj tic for his patience.

The 2 tracks by Dot Dash were taken from their second album “Winter Garden Light” which the kids really loved and so did the critics. They are our fastest rising stars and are hard at work on album number 3 (which we couldn’t wait for to feature a song from it) and by the time you read this, it will probably be completed and they will be patiently waiting for us to get it released. A Dot Dash album (or three) should be in everyone’s collection.

Spain’s The Yellow Melodies / Rafa Scam are true music fans like us and have contributed 2 gems, both covers of some of their favourite songs (ours too). The BMX Bandits cover, is taken from as yet unreleased tribute EP which we hope to release later this year and the Monograph cover was originally released as a b-side to a download only single (If you have not yet discovered Monograph, please search them out with several fine releases on the post Sarah, Shinkansen label – they also had some releases as Pacific Radio). Also if you are like us and enjoy covers you might want to check out The Yellow Melodies latest project – 3 vinyl albums – all covers – to be released throughout the year with the first volume, “Fan #1” already out.

Skytone’s first full band recording since their amazing “Shining Over You” album (where “One Fine Day” is taken from) provides us with the perfect summer anthem that you can blast from your radio with the windows rolled down on those hot summer days. You can only wish that we have “The Summer That Never Ends” and that this is just the beginning and that a new album is in store. Josh Meadows from The Sugargliders and The Steinbecks (and the wonderful radio show – It’s A Jangle Out There) has given this song a thumbs up – could we ask for anything more?

Pretty Eyes For Captain America hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, and their wonderful rendition of Television Personalities’ “She Lives For The Moment” is a real gem, a cover of a lesser known TVP song which will be featured on the next volume of the tribute series, which we hope to have completed very soon. PEFCA are also planning on recording a cover for our Edward Ball/Times tribute – stay tuned.

Armstrong are an old favourite of mine, with 2 albums to their credit, and one we were very proud to be involved with and honoured to have been able to release it. We are eagerly looking forward to Julian’s third release “Happy Grafitti” which will most likely feature this song – “This One” which is from an early demo that the band sent us and shows just how amazing this album might sound when it’s finally completed. RIYL bands like Aztec Camera, Pale Fountains, Prefab Sprout and all kinds of Pastoral POP with a bit of Jangle.

The Social Icons are best described by Everett True as “It’s a little bit Teenage Fanclub, a little bit Mod, a little bit Urge Overkill circa that moment when they crystallized easy into the perfect distillation of cocktail- drinking, lounge-lounging, swaggering Neil Diamond fans – only even more so…a smidgen David Bowie, and a whole lot awesome and catchy…we’re talking The Beatles and the TVPs here, obviously – just not in an obvious manner. So I guess we’re really talking The Knack or that wonderful moment in 1978 when power pop ruled the lower reaches of the UK charts” – what else can you say? Well one thing I will say is the remix for “East Wing” is a song the kids should be dancing to down at the clubs.

Roy Moller is one of those legends who can still walk down Byers Road in Glasgow and still go unrecognized, but for how long that will last, is anyone’s guess. A true genius and talent who has worked with Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), Davy Henderson (The Fire Engines, Win, etc.), Ulric Kennedy (The Mixers, The Catalysts, The Void etc.), and many, many, many more, and has been recognized by Marc Riley at BBC6 as a true talent. He can pump out songs at an amazing pace and of the 30 or so tracks he sent us for his follow up album, we selected this song to feature, which is quite different from what you have heard before. Stay tuned for a new album very soon.

Spanish band Self Love came to our attention on Myspace (does anyone remember them) when they did a wonderful cover of a China Crisis song and we commissioned them to work on a song for our upcoming Edward Ball/Times tribute. Since we have had that song now for quite some time, we thought we would leak it out slowly by featuring the instrumental mix of the song that will be included on the tribute. Rafa also plays bass in the band Sweet Paste.

We were late in discovering The Just Joans, as they appear to have quite a few cool releases out there, but it was their contribution to the wonderful Ramones tribute “No More Of Your Fairy Stories” that got us hooked with their wonderful and unique vocal style and care free delivery. We were overjoyed, when they agreed to contribute to our ongoing TVP tribute series and so here is another sneak preview of a song to be featured on the next volume – Volume 4.

Nick Danger & the DCR are sadly no more (as some members mutated into The Social Icons), although it has long been rumored that they may return to complete the middle episode in the “Thrillogy of Danger” series, which the fans have been eagerly anticipating. This track is an older one, taken from the 3rd installment “Escape From Danger City” – a song well worth hearing again and again, even if you’re not from Cincinnati.

Very little is known about The Sharks, other than they come from the UK and they are getting quite popular in Japan and they come highly recommended by sir Thomas Keitsch of Powertool Records (Germany). They really know how to pump out a blistering song as can be seen in their brilliant cover of The Sound’s “Heartland”, which will be featured on our tribute to Adrian Borland and The Sound, which we hope to release next year. It will be called “There Must Be A Hole In Your Memory” and will feature many bands including Robert Scott (The Bats), The Shambles, Roy Moller, The Social Icons, Last Burning Embers (featuring Jack Rabid) and many many more.

Chester are a long running punk/pop band from the UK who are influenced by The Ramones and The Rezillos (which can only be a good thing) and with a few releases to their credit. They are also contributing a few songs for the next volume of the Television Personalities tributes, and featured here is Silly Girl (with an alternate version also to be included on the bonus disc).

Mark Crozer and The Rels are also a new discovery (although Mark has been around for a while) that we stumbled upon through Ray at Koolkat (the man with great taste who has recently released a batch of Cleaners From Venus/Martin Newell gems). This song was included with his exclusive Koolkat CDr that came with the new Mark Crozer album (which is highly recommended) and features bonus songs and some choice covers.  When we heard his ABBA cover we knew it had to be shared (you may want to also check out his New Order and his Beatles covers). Mark also plays live with JAMC and Jim Reid and also played in the International Jetsetters with members of Ride and JAMC.