Dot Dash’s 3rd Album – Half-Remembered Dream – Out Now on The Beautiful Music

Half-Remembered DreamVery exciting times these – Three albums in less than two years from our favourite new band and each one better than the last. Dot Dash invented the “Post Mod” genre and now with this album has perfected the sound. Urgent, Exciting, Concise and yet so timeless and ageless. Can it get any better than this? Only Dot Dash know for sure and time may tell the answer, but for now immerse yourself in the one of the finest releases of the year, maybe even of this decade.

But don’t just listen to us – here is what some other people said about their previous releases:

“A seamless sequence of flawless songs, full of atmosphere, Byrds-like guitars and Buzzcocks trade mark ooohs and ahhhs. Hook-laden and captivating — a plethora of perfect pop songs.” — 13th Floor Vendetta

“Post-punk and C86… a little fuzz and heaps of melody.” — Sound of Confusion

“Somehow sounding loose and exacting at the same time… If Sonic Youth had decided to be a pop band, they would have sounded an awful lot like Dot Dash.” – Bankrobber Music/House of Hassle

“Winter Garden Light’ is one of those albums that come out under the radar, but years down the line it’s regarded as a masterpiece.” — Critical Mass

“Dot Dash features ex-members of Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Youth Brigade and Swervedriver. The Washington, D.C., quartet just issued its sophomore album, Winter Garden Light (The Beautiful Music), the follow-up to last year’s spark>flame>amber>ash.”

– Magnet Magazine

“Winter Garden Light, the second LP from Dot Dash, delivers punk pace, a bonus quantity of pop hooks, assured vocals and anthemic choruses. A ten-track locomotive that gathers steam for a bit more than a half hour and leaves you wanting to press the replay button.” – When You Motor Away

“Dot Dash may very well have delivered the most gratifying pure-pop album of the year.” – Wilfully Obscure

“An unexpected coalition of Washington’s punk and pop tribes, Dot Dash proved melodic, dynamic and cohesive on its 2011 debut album, ‘Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash.’ The quartet’s follow-up, ‘Winter Garden Light,’ is even better.” – Washington Post

“Moving confidently forward from their loose, garage-y 2011 debut, Winter Garden Light plays like a pocket history of indie guitar rock with some jangle here, a Fugazi bass lick there and walls of sizzling shoegaze feedback everywhere—all to wonderful effect.”

– Pop Matters

“An updated C86 vibe… reminiscent of an experimental, raw R.E.M… ‘Shouting in the Rain’ is punky, featuring a Peter Hook-like bass line, then goes in an Undertones/Only Ones direction.” – Pennyblack Music

“Brightly propelled 80`s New Wave with well-trodden and prolifically strung power pop best describes this blissful East Coast four-piece. Think early days of English Day-Glo pioneers The Buzzcocks, The Times, Television Personalities and the Creation label.”

— Mojophenia

“The second album from Dot Dash is a gem packed full of great melodies and post-punk energy… a pop rush.” – Trip-TV

“’Winter Garden Light’ is a shining beacon in a ravaging storm and a likely candidate for album of the year.” – Small Takeover

“An eclectic fusion of power pop, indie/alternative, mod, and shoegaze vibes. The sound explodes into wall-of-sound dreamy arpeggios, garage fuzz and high velocity dream-pop energy.” – TPR Magazine

“Riffing on relaxed melodic pop with fuzzy guitar tones and sauntering emotion… Winter Garden Light suggests Dot Dash will continue to grow more intricate and exciting.”—All Music

“Dot Dash packs hooks into its 2nd album… it’s got a little Joy Division, The Vapors and early R.E.M. in its DNA.” – Powerpopaholic

“With Winter Garden Light, the group has altered their sound, creating a warmer collage of pop tunes infused with melody and excellent guitar sounds. A perfect one-two punch between traditional indie rock and lofty pop… Mission accomplished.” – Austin Town Hall

This is what the press release said:

Summer is nearing an end — time for a new Dot Dash album.

Half-Remembered Dream is the third Dot Dash album released in less than two years.

The 10-track Half-Remembered Dream, out this month, was preceded by Winter Garden Light (released in September 2012) and spark>flame>ember>ash (released in September 2011) – all on The Beautiful Music, the Ottawa, Canada-based indie label that has been issuing underground pop records for more than 10 years.

For the new record the Washington D.C.-based quartet traveled north to neighboring Baltimore, where Half-Remembered Dream was recorded at Lord Baltimore Studios.

As before, there’s a persistent thread of melancholy running through Dot Dash’s ringing, intense, melodic pop, but it takes on a variety of forms. Amidst jangling, wistful guitars — contrasted by often thunderous bass and drums — Half-Remembered Dream is, by turns, energetic, plaintive, and punky.

Dot Dash plays out frequently and has shared recent bills with Ash, The Drums, The Bats, The Monochrome Set, and Glen Matlock, among many others.

Band line-up: Terry Banks – guitar & voice; Bill Crandall – guitar; Hunter Bennett – bass; Danny Ingram – drums.

Half-Remembered Dream is available as a CD directly from The Beautiful Music’s PayPal-enabled ordering portal at

The album is also available as a download via iTunes, Bandcamp, eMusic, and Amazon.

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