Music Is The New Social Icon

After trying to figure out just who The Social Icons are and what is their significance to life and just what is a Social Icon, I did a bit of research and came across an amazing discovery – The Social Icons represent the new society as we know it and Music has now become The Social Icon of choice.

The dictionary ( defines Social as:
adjective – 1. relating to human society and its members; “social institutions”; … “societal forces”; “social legislation”; 2. living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups; “a human being is a social animal”; “mature social behavior” [ant: unsocial]; … 5. of or pertaining to human society, esp. as a body divided into classes according to status: social rank.

Icon is defined:
noun (also i·kon) – 1. An image; a representation; …3. An important and enduring symbol: “Voyager will take its place … alongside such icons of airborne adventure as The Spirit of St. Louis and [the] Bell X-1” (William D. Marbach); 4. One who is the object of great attention and devotion; …: “He is … a pop icon designed and manufactured for the video generation” (Harry F. Waters).

So as you can see in today’s day and age, music has taken on mythical proportions, we are always plugged in, surrounded by sound and music has become the representation of choice for so many people – the new Social Icon. People relate to others by the kind of music they enjoy and even categorize people by their listening choices, divided into classes according to status or the music, the music becomes the person, whether it is a Punk, an Indie, a Rocker, a Mod or even a Deadhead (for fans of the Greatful Dead), why we even have Goth dating sites, Indiepop festivals, Mod rallies.

Bands are groups of people who gather together to enjoy life and bring enjoyment to others, but they have also become an important and enduring symbol of styles and generations, not to mention they have become the object of great attention and devotion (of which this blog is just further proof).

At this point you are probably wondering what is this guy talking about, so let me explain: A friend of mine had a band that was called The Social Icons and although I admit that I never heard any of their music, I loved the band name and borrowed it to name a cassette compilation “Music For A Social Icon” – a collection of songs that was slightly off the beaten track but perfectly reflected the creative genius and diversity that makes the perfect music, the beautiful music. The Social Icons took a bit of a diversion and mutated into another band, but now we have the return of The Social Icons, who have released their debut EP on Berlin’s uber cool label alongside such luminaries as The Laughing Apple, Biff Bang Pow, Phil Wilson, Apple Orchard and more.

The Social Icons have also created the perfect video for the “Youtube Video Generation” that reflects their creative genius both aurally and visually, with obvious references to what’s influential to any true music collector (ie. Creation Records, Wild Swans, etc. – these are hints) – Stop, Look and Listen and if you can spot all the references, leave a comment or send us an e-mail and we may just send you a free CD. You can find the video here: