New Release: Adrift by Skytone

Skytone is a duo consisting of siblings Rodney and Darius Doddridge.

When we first encountered their music they were best described as a jangle pop band.
However, for new album Adrift the brothers have created a very appealing tapestry of crystalline synth pop.
So the sound is more Stockholm/Malmo than Dunedin/Glasgow.
But the hooks are good, the choruses soar, and the arrangements paint in warm, bright colors.
This album is so good that you will want to play it right now and think of warmer times.
But don’t forget to break it out again next summer for a worthy encore.

A highly recommended album – feelgood, Summery jangle pop at its best.

From Galaxy train, translated from Japanese:
“The exquisite melody that melts, the synth pop that spreads in the bedroom, and the smell of neo-acoustic everywhere!”-The latest album by Skytone, a unit of brothers Rodney and Darius based in Ottawa, Canada.

Now available as a cassette only release:
-limited edition only 20 available
-digital download
-Galaxy Train and Skytone stickers
-lyrics sheet

Skytone Official

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