ole3 ole2   This release is easily one of the best releases of the decade or should I say this century. It has taken me years just to get around to writing something about it, mainly because I don’t think anything I say, can do it justice. How do you describe one of the most magnificent releases you have ever heard? An album that soars and flows so beautifully that very little can compare. An album by one of your favourite artists ever!!!

I have to admit that I have been a fan of Paul Bevoir for years since his days with The Jetset (who were sort of like The Monkees of My Generation in the Mod revival but OH SO Much Better!!!). Paul was also associated with many a cool record labels, from Tot Taylors “Compact Organisation” (having even rumoured to be one of the Wilsations backing the wonderful Mari Wilson band and having a few songs released on various compilations); Paul Bultitudes (fellow Jetset, Secret Affair, Advertising) The Dance Network where a lot of the early Jetset material was released on, being somehow involved with Capatain Sensibles “Deltic” Records to Chris Hunts amazing Tangerine Records who released some of his later solo stuff and so much more (you know the fine folks who brought you releases by The Direct Hits, The Moment, Cleaners From Venus, Mood Six and the wonderful Rinaldi Sings albums etc.) .


Over the years I have treasured Pauls first two solo releases “The Happiest Days Of Your Life” which was originally released on The Dance Network Label and re-released on the fabulous Tangerine Records  and the superb “Dumb Angel” which came out on Tangerine and includes one of my favourite songs of all time “The Equestrian”. These releases have now become quite the collectibles but are well worth searching out, I have also quite enjoyed his Jangle, psych pop travels with The Smalltown Parade (and good luck finding their releases, having been released in Japan on CD and a few items on Deltic Records in the UK) and enjoyed his excursions with Melvyn & The Smarties (who released a 7” single on Little Teddy Recordings in Germany) and the mod supergroup Boys About Town 7” with Anthony Meynell, Edward Ball, and Simon Smith (who also had one 7″ single released on the Little Teddy Recordings label).

As a solo artist, Paul was influenced by the likes of Jimmy Webb, Simon and Garfunkel, The Kinks, The Beatles (at times even sounding better than the Beatles – you may laugh but that’s only because you have not heard these yet) and many others but also always had an elegance of British charm, that were unmistakably his own unique style. Paul is a song-smith of the highest order and everything he touches is magic his music brings joy to the heart and can transport you to a wonderful place where POP music is supreme.

ole1I waited for many years for this release to finally come out (along with many other people), only to become speechless upon it’s release. So finally the silence is broken, but I honestly dont know what to say so I am not going to talk about the music but just encourage you to do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of “In Days Of Wonder” before it becomes a highly sought after collectible like most of his early works of art.