Apr 29

…about living here in Ottawa

There is a type of madness that brews in our heads after the long winters here in Ottawa. The urge to get to the beach and enjoy the hot sun and surf. I’m sure its not particular to our snowy home but it has sprung some great ways of coping with the extended winter blahs.

I have a way a dreaming about how great it was back in the early 60’s to live the beach life of the Big Kahuna or Moondoggie, just livin’ off the beach and surf, with a cheap guitar and twist party every night. A big influence in my style is the surf/garage music of that time and when I moved to Ottawa I discovered a really cool connection to another surf lover from Ottawa, Jeremy S. Gluck who you may know as the frontman of the legendary surf/garage band, The Baracudas. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeremy in the past when Wally released his album “This is… Jeremy Gluck”. Check out “summer fun”:

On a side note, I heard tell of surfy/mods vs. rocker type gangs here in the Capital back in the 60s, The Yohawks vs. The Squirrels…  (Jeremy just sent me this link, thanks Jeremy!)

All this to say here is our big surf song called “Malibu” I was heavy into the Barracudas when I wrote this: Malibu by The Social Icons

and here is the other song we wrote about living here in Ottawa…Cincinnati: Cincinnati by The Social Icons

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