Apr 24

Total Recall: The Sound covered by TSI

A lot has been written about the late Adrian Borland (6 December 1957 – 26 April 1999) but I really don’t think it has ever sunken in, over on this side of the pond, what a true legend Adrian and his band “The Sound” were. Sadly when we talk about the band and the genius behind it people look at us sideways but just listening to the passion in his songs along with the lyrics and arrangements, they were are at par with the greats of the post-punk era if not surpassing.

It was quite easy to convince us to get into the studio to work on a track for an upcoming tribute to “The Sound” we chose one of my favorite tracks “Total Recall”. There was a delay in the TBM release of the comp but instead we were given an opportunity to release it on our debut EP in Berlin for Vollwert.

I hope this track and the upcoming TBM tribute will allow us to spotlight once again some of the incredible music crafted by Adrian. Look him up you will not be disappointed!

Total Recall

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