Apr 15

“Go Whenever You Go” – Nick Danger and The Danger City Rebels with DJ tic

What The Nosebleeds are to The Smiths, The New Yardbirds are to Led Zeppelin and The Originals to The New Originals is what The Danger City Rebels are to us.
After almost 5 years of trying to shake to reference I have decided to embrace it. A few days ago I found a cassette that Wally had put a compilation of our radio appearances on.

In 2002, I wanted to put together a rockabilly outfit but I chose unlikely canditates, CHUNKK Neilson, a funk drummer and “Popsicle” Pete Connell a bassist who was very much into punk/alternative. Needless to say it created a pretty unique sound.

Getting back to the cassette, it contained our very first radio appearance on CKCU Special Blend with DJ tic. I had no idea what I was doing and it is evident with the line spoken “Ok, go whenever you go” I thought musicians usually used numbers to count in, lol. Those years were a lot of fun thanks to everyone who supported us, long live the DCR!

This is that track: Going Down (Cyranno)

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