How I Learned To Love The Yellow Melodies

“For me, I’m just now discovering The Yellow Melodies, and I’m grateful, as they’ve got slews of albums for you to enjoy. Also, I just got a reminder of how much I love going back to my Television Personalities catalog.” – Austin Town Hall

The Beautiful Music is very proud to announce the release of the new single by The Yellow Melodies called “How I Learned To Love Television Personalities” (Beauty 021) – it’s a 5 song tribute to the TVP’s featuring the following songs:

This will also be a teaser for next installment of the TVP tribute series – volume 4 (Beauty 025) which will also include track 2 “Look Back In Anger” along with many other great covers and a few special treats as we have coaxed a few musicians from the Dreamworld era back into action – more on that later as I am getting off topic – back to The Yellow Melodies …

Many of you probably already know and love Spain’s The Yellow Melodies ( ), as they have been involved in the Pop music scene for about 16 years and have released numerous recordings on various influential labels like Cloudberry, Edition 59 / Vollwert Records, Clifford Records, Jabalina, Rock Indiana, and their own label Discos Imprescindibles (also on Elefant Records with Rafa’s other band Vacaciones). Rafa Skam, the vocalist and guitarist also writes the fanzine “El Planeta Amarillo” as well as hosts Pop festivals in Spain and chronicles the many live adventures of great music in and around Spain with his Fotos Pop feature – .

There is so much that can be said about the band, and lots to discover (as I am still doing) as they have already released 5 albums and countless singles and contributions to various compilations and tributes. They have done so many covers of songs by Monograph (actually 2 versions of “Something That You Do” which are brilliant!), The Cure, Raspberries, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, Gene, Leonard Cohen, Suede, The Beatles, REM and many others. In speaking with Rafa, he has amazing taste when it comes to music and loves doing covers which is great in my opinion and brings us to this EP and how it came about.

Rafa contacted us a while back to see if we would be interested in having them do a cover for our TVP tribute series, and of course we were – how could we turn down an offer to include such an amazing band. Little did we know that The Yellow Melodies were as obsessed as we were with the TVP’s and are such a productive band, that they would come up with 5 amazing covers, putting us into a bit of a predicament wanting to release all the songs and yet we had so many bands that wanted to contribute and we usually only include one song per band on each volume (excluding the bonus disc where we sometimes cheat and include an additional song). Solution = Release an EP featuring all 5 songs – so that’s what we did! Now you can be the proud owner of this wonderful gem as the release date is May 28th, 2012.

Rumour has it also that The Yellow Melodies are currently in the studio recording a follow up EP of BMX Bandits songs, for another tribute EP – stay tuned and in the meantime fall in love with The Yellow Melodies as I have!


The Yellow Melodies
How I Learned to Love Television Personalities
Beauty 021
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