New Video: The Yellow Melodies – “Our Time Is Over”

The Yellow Melodies are proud to release another video of the song “Our Time Is Over”, taken from their much loved and brilliant “Life” album which was released on The Beautiful Music on CD as well, as on Hurrah! Musica on Vinyl.

The album has been well received and is still winning the hearts of fans worldwide. One listen to this song and the album, it’s clear to see why as The Yellow Melodies master the perfect pop song, and include influences from the 60’s Pop & Psych underground as well as traces of mod and soul sounds with a nod to bands like the BMX Bandits, Television Personalities, Superstar, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, and many others.

The video paints a cautionary tale to warn of our destructive behavior and the possible results but still manages to infuse hope and a positive vibe as it ends with “Is this the end, or the start of something really beautiful?”

This is a song and album you need in your life – listen and enjoy!