Jan 02

Flowers by Dot Dash video

Flowers by Dot Dash

Flowers by Dot Dash, a great new video for the song “Flowers” off of their latest album.

Here is a great review from the blog : whenyoumotoraway.blogspot.ca, have a visit and enjoy a free download of the track.

“One of our favorite spring albums this year was Earthquakes & Tidal Waves by Washington, D.C. quartet Dot Dash. Terry Banks (vocals/guitar), Steve Hansgen (lead guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass) and Danny Ingram (drums), vets of Julie Ocean, Minor Threat, Swervedriver, The Saturday People, Youth Brigade, Modest Proposal and others, brew a muscular concoction of power pop, jangle and post punk.” …visit for more

Flowers by Dot Dash

Flowers by Dot Dash