For Immediate Release: “Sweet Magnolias” by Nick Danger & SKYTONE

For those of you who have follow our little label since the beginning you will recognize the artist connected with the first two releases on The Beautiful Music.

It has been a long friendship both on and off stage between Nick Danger and SKYTONE, which finally brought them together to record “Sweet Magnolias”(Beauty 037). This is a 7 track album of songs written and recorded originally by Nick and the DCR/The Social Icons, but this time out he is supported musically by his good friends. For a lark they decided to record this live off the… lawn, outside a little cottage on Mink Lake. Captured in raw single takes, the environment plays its own part with electro surges, seagulls, laptop stutter, motor boats and kids at play.

In addition they recorded “Sweet Jane” from The Velvet Underground’s catalog and also Leonard Cohen’s “Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye”. This was all captured on video by the way over here on Youtube

This album is now available on Bandcamp for download and a physical CD is available here from Have a listen below:

The Beautiful Music

Nick Danger & SKYTONE
Sweet Magnolias(CD Version)
Beauty 037 NOW AVAILABLE!!

The Beautiful Music