TBM Update 2020

We have been quiet for what seems to be forever and our last release on the label is already over 6 months old. But we haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing and we have been planning our best year ever.

So now you’re thinking it’s already June and no releases in 2020, so what’s up? So I have to admit life has been a bit strange ride and we’re not talking about viruses and protests, but more of a personal nature, with several family tragedies & changes in direction & an end of an era with work while trying to juggle and complete many exciting projects which we will fill you in on.

First we have 4 releases that should be ready in the next month, an EP by an excellent musician from the UK, Peter Hall EP that Stephen Maughan recommended; an album by US band The Exploding Flowers; an album that will become a Summer Smash by the queen of Powerpop Lisa Mychols working alongside a favorite of ours, Super 8; and the long awaited first album by The Dupont Circles.

And if that’s not enough, after that we have a new label sampler planned; as well as finally completing part 2 of our Adrian Borland tribute; and the tribute to Edward Ball & The Times, which we hope to finish up. As if that’s not enough (now this is starting to sound like a bad advertisement from the 70’s, but hang in there), we have even more planned with an album by The Yellow Melodies, an album by Armstrong, an album by Honeybourne, and albums by Dot Dash and Skytone and then we will be able to start on something new.

Put your seat belts on and hang on for an exciting ride, which is just about to begin.