Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8

This is a very exciting release for the Beautiful Music label, when you get to release an album by two extremely talented musicians, whose careers you have followed for years. So what happens when you combine the talents of the queen of power pop, Lisa Mychols AKA Ellie, on the sunny west coast of the USA, with the talents of pop maverick, and one of the most productive musicians, across the ocean in Scotland, Paul Ryan, aka Trip, aka SUPER 8? Well let me tell you, it’s the soundtrack of your Summer, The Hit of Summer 2020 and an album you will return to year after year! These Sun-drenched melodies, just conjure up images, of sandy beaches, surf boards, shiny cars, crashing waves and beautiful people. It’s here, a Summer Smash (sort of like Denim‘s Summer Smash, but without the car crash), an album to cherish and love & blast on the car speakers with the roof down. Estella from Fadeaway Radiate, described their single Honey Bee as “a must for lovers of sunshine pop, northern soul and the sound and aesthetics of the 60’s in general. The song is a groovy feel-good tune with lush layers of sprightly harmonies”. The whole album, carries on in a similar theme, and I dare you to get these songs and melodies out of your head, once lodged there. This is what timeless music is made of.

This all sounds swell, you are thinking, but who are these two musicians, that give them the right to create such a classic. Lisa has an impressive history, having worked with some of my all-time favorite musicians like The Wondermints (they were even her backing band for some of her recordings), The Well Wishers, and Kai Danzbergand she contributed to many excellent compilations and tributes, not to mention her beginnings with her band The Masticators, that made an impressive splash on the LA pop underground of the 1990’s. And as if that is not enough, she has also released at least 4 solo albums, two of which were on Joe Foster’s Rev-Ola label, which in itself is a stamp of quality. Trip, also has quite a history, almost discovered by Giles Martin, working with David Scott (The Pearlfishers, another one of my all time favorites), and praised by Duglas of the BMX Bandits (another favourite), and with stellar releases on several of my favorite labels, like Futureman Records & the Subjangle label.

We are certainly pleased that these two have landed on our label for this magnificent release. As Trip states: “Working on this album with Lisa has been an honour and a blast. In many ways I feel these songs just wrote themselves! My hope is that, in some small way here, they might serve to lift folk’s spirits in these trying times. We hope you enjoy the melodic sunshine we’ve cooked up!”.

The Beautiful Music

Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8
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