The Social Icons : I’m there…you’re here (Beauty 016)

“I’m there…you’re here” was recorded over a two year period at Bova Sound Studios in Ottawa. The sessions once again united the group with esteemed engineer/producer Phillip Shaw Bova (Hilotrons/Belle Orchestre/Sadie Hell). Explaining how he came to suggest the album title, front man Nickolai says, ‘It was first just an audio clip used in “Stardust” but then as we heard it over and over we realized that it really describes the barriers we had to overcome in making this album and you really hear that in the lyrics.’

“I’m there…you’re here” features twelve tracks ranging from long overdue classics such as Grey and Stardust to songs that were being written during the recording of then such as The New Kind and The Sway. I’m a Little Late which finds Nickolai exploring hitherto uncharted territory over the loveliest of melodies and Janice Hall’s gorgeous vocals. It’s destined to become another lynchpin in TSI’s live set.

It has already come to the attention of legendary music critic Everett True who calls it “…a smidgen David Bowie, and a whole lot awesome and catchy the way Ed Ball ought to be, …we’re talking The Beatles and the TVPs here, obviously – just not in an obvious manner. So I guess we’re really talking The Knack or that wonderful moment in 1978 when power pop ruled the lower reaches of the UK charts”

Everyone is raving about the new release which rocketed to #2 on local radio and gaining international ground in the UK, Spain, Brazil and Germany.

“Wenn ich die Reihe Power Pop aus meinem CD Regal irgendwann mal fortsetzen sollte, die Social Icons wären schon mal fest gebucht.”
Twang Tone

“It’s a little bit Teenage Fanclub, a little bit Mod, a little bit Urge Overkill circa
that moment when they crystallised easy into the perfect distillation of cocktail-
drinking, lounge-lounging, swaggering Neil Diamond fans – only even more so…
a smidgen David Bowie, and a whole lot awesome and catchy “
– Everett True, Music That I Like

“…brings to mind a laconic ’78 era Elvis Costello … a modish Van Morrison”
-Terry Banks, The Big Takeover

“Pop is Falling Apart is loud and commanding with a driving beat that is modern
in sound at one level, but which also has an element of classic Who and the
Rolling Stones. Singer Nickolai Dangeroso sings his lyrics which recall Neil
Diamond in story form.” – Anthony Strutt,

“It s a great sounding pop explosion” – Joe Reilly, CKCU FM