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Keeping Up With The Wilson’s – I mean Phil Wilson

I have been meaning to write a few words about Phil Wilson for over a year now, and everytime he releases something else, I kick myself for not getting around to doing this. Now, the time has come to pay my dues with the release of a fabulous new single “I Own It” and a …

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My Affection For Disaffection by Max Eider

This is a CD I have been keenly awaiting for a few weeks now, ever since I found out of it’s existence and that it was almost complete (thanks to the Tundraducks Records mailing list) and some quick e-mail exchanges with Augustus and then Max himself, I was the proud owner of “Disaffection” by Max …

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Felt Fans Unite – Felt : Ballad Of The Fan by JC Brouchard

I was quite excited when Pol Dodu told me that there was a new book about Felt that was soon to be released and was even more ecstatic to get my own copy of this new book by the legendary JC Brouchard, about a fan’s insight into the many recordings of Felt and more. The …

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