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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Songs from Be My Baby – Roy Moller

Behind every great storyteller is a great story, and Roy Moller’s latest release is just that. Truly captivating and enjoyable. He has a unique way of drawing listeners in, using vivid imagery and charming wit to create a fully immersive experience and this album is no exception. Roy writes in his liner notes:  “In May …

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TBM Quarterly Report

I know the title is misleading but we wanted to stay in touch with our fans on all levels. Most of our posts these days are in the Twitter-verse here: these are Wally’s up to the minute muses on what’s what and who’s who in our TBM world and elsewhere. We also do all …

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For Immediate Release: Roy Moller – There’s a Thousand Untold Stories

Roy Moller – There’s a Thousand Untold Stories. Roy Moller follows in the fine tradition of the musical legends Bowie (David), Godard (Vic), Henderson (Davy), Cope (Julian) who weren’t satisfied with just blindly mimicking the music and sounds of their generation but sought and often succeeded in taking the music and lyrics into new realms. Never scared …

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