From the midst of the deep freeze something rumbles

… What’s this you say? A Beautiful Music update and it hasn’t even been 3 years since the last one – getting a bit ambitious aren’t we.

Ah well, we thought it best you heard the news from us before someone else told you about it (like our last release by Dot Dash which is now plastered all over the internet and still getting rave reviews, even making it in Jack Rabid’s top 40 of 2012 and we forgot to tell most of you about it). We plan to have a few new releases this year, starting with another Free Label Sampler (after the huge success of our last one which crashed our system- so if we seem to vanish for a while you’ll know why) so you can hear a few songs from some recent releases and to whet your appetite for some that are just around the corner – we may even include a song or 2 not on our label just to confuse you.

We hope to quickly follow that with a new album from the very prolific and talented Roy Moller who was championed by the amazing Marc Riley and who has been featured on several live BBC sessions including one with a former Fire Engine / Nectarine #9. Well Roy has sent us about 50 new songs to choose from (he isn’t making it easy for us with so many to choose from) and soon you will be humming to some of his new tunes.

Shortly following this will be the fourth (yes you heard it right) installment of our famous Television Personalities Tribute series. This one will feature submissions by the likes of The Just Joans, The Yellow Melodies, Simon Bish, Skytone, Banana And Louie, Bright Lights Big Zombie, I Satelite, Jeremy, The Dupont Circles, Paul Bonin and The Chosen Few (Paul being from one of our favourite bands of all time – The Jetset), and so much more – another 40 TVP covers to feed your addiction and maybe it will help cheer poor Dan up and speed up his recovery.

And if that’s not enough releases, we hope to also finally get another Armstrong album unleashed on the world.

Work is also under way on our tribute to The Sound and the Edward Ball / Times tributes with submissions trickling in – the latest cover by old favourites and tbm friends, The Woog Riots with a Smashing version of “My Andy Warhol Poster” which will also be included on a soon to be released compilation of rarities. Check out the label sampler for a few leaks from these tributes.

Rumours also run amok that a new single by Skytone is in the works (if we can get them to stop doing covers long enough to record it) as is new material by the ever mysterious TSI (The Social Icons for those who hate abreviations) but don’t hold your breath unless you don’t mind turning blue.

We better stop know as we have given away Way too much information and just thinking about all this is getting me tired and if we are actually going to pull this off, I better get back to work.

The Sound Of The Underground Lives On.

ps – Keep checking our Twitter and our Youtube for just as infrequent updates.