Yesterday’s News Tomorrow!

Welcome to our “Adventure Playground” and here is a smidgen of what’s going on in our small world (we had hoped to update you on a more regular basis like once a year but you will have to settle for quarterly – of a decade that is – we did warn you that the transmissions would be rare) and even as I write this some of it is already outdated and new stuff is happening so to be completely up to date you would have to just hang out with us at tbm headquarters.

Anyway here we go enjoy the ride …

We have many exciting releases planned for this year if we can find enough time.

First up, a brilliant release from Spain’s The Yellow Melodies – “How I Learned To Love Television Personalities” (Beauty 021). Rafa Skam leads his group through a wonderful indie pop tribute to the Television Personalities. They did such a great job on these tracks we’ve decided to release it as an EP on our label. If you have never heard of them, this band is must to check out with so many great releases and so much talent they make it seem easy. Check out this track : 14th Floor – The Yellow Melodies

TVP Tribute volume 4 (Beauty 025) – You are going to love it!!!!! There is so much that can be said about it, but I’ll just give you a few hints so you will get the sense of how grand this will be. The Legendary Paul Bonin from one of my all time favourites The Jetset has created a most beautiful version of the song “How I learned To Love The Bomb” with his band of merry men – The Chosen Few which will be contrasted by an equally amazing version of the same song by Mod greats The Dupont Circles. A seven year world-wide search for Dreamworld recording artists, The Impossible Years, has located Todd Shuster as he is reviving his original band, The Jags (not the UK version), and efforts are under way for a blog interview and a TVP cover (which is now completed). Schuman The Human will serve up a hauntingly classic version of “Look Back In Anger” and even includes the fine talents of one of my favourite drummers and Creation Records staple, Dave Morgan (The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Rockingbirds, etc. etc.). You will certainly fall in love with The Just Joans cover, who have just released their first album (on vinyl!!) and will likely be a household name soon as they play many of the UK festivals. “Painting by Numbers” is given an interesting facelift by Norb Payr of The Jaybirds and Subcandies fame. Robert Scott from The Bats (who also released an amazing solo album recently) contributed a track as did fellow New Zealanders, The Puddle. Bright Lights Big Zombie’s beautiful take on “She’s my Yoko” and a submission by Japan’s The Penelope’s will guarantee your satisfaction. Ohhh and There’s So much more, but I’ve already said too much.

Dot Dash is easily one of the most exciting bands on the planet and are turning heads and hearts and have built a steady stream of fans and a solid line up of fantastic reviews (we have had to get an additional file cabinet just to store them), you will have to check out their latest if you haven’t already as it is an easily one of the best releases of 2011 – and that’s not just us talking – here is what Jack Rabid said ” All 14 songs (35 minutes now) “dash” towards the wiry pop nirvana Alan McGee purveyed on his ’80s Creation imprint, picking up where Alan Horne left off with Postcard. Infectious, quickening, and upbeat, Spark produces heat, light, energy… and tunes to haunt.”. And if that wasn’t enough fun, they have already recorded a follow up (in less than a year – a new record for tbm) which is even better, if that’s possible. This is now available on our store page. Shouting in the Rain – Dot Dash

The Sound and Adrian Borland Tribute album. Although I never met him, Adrian’s music with the Sound meant a lot to me and their music were a significant part of my life in the early 80’s and I have followed his career through the years – his solo albums being just as amazing and he released some of the best songs ever written. It was such a tragedy with his death and I have wanted to do the tribute for many years now (even before his passing) but things keep getting in the way. I’m hoping that this next year we will have some time to dedicate to this project to do it justice.

I also discussed this project with Phil King (from Lush/The Servants/Apple Boutique) as he was an old friend and actually started his first band The Beautiful Losers with equipment that he got from Adrian. Adrian also produced his first few songs which recently got released on edition 59 records in Germany. He also helped out with Second Layer and played guitar on a song on Cinematic as well as linked Adrian with Felt to produce their last album. We are very eager to move forward with this in 2012. We had several covers already – one which was previewed on the free label sampler, but thanks to German Sound fan, Powertool Records promoter and old friend, Thomas Keitch, who decided he would help out, and he has/is scouring the planet looking for worthy contributors. As a result, this project has really started moving ahead with submissions coming in and Jack Rabid even agreeing to contribute a track and Roy Moller has recorded his, and an old Jazz Butcher band member is rumoured to be involved with many more covers in the works. We’ll keep you in the loop.

Also in the world of all things Skytone… tributes abound, cover after cover are being released on their youtube channel straight from the Woodside studio, check out one of my fave’s, made famous by First Aid Kit and now covered in an intimate studio session with perfect Doddridge harmonies and timing, great work boys! Stay tuned to this blog and the Skytone site for the latest on a possible upcoming single and maybe an album before the next decade is out.

Armstrong is cueing up with their new release, this summer/fall with “Happy Grafitti” (Beauty 023) and we’ll post a demo from the new album just to give you a taste as Julian continues in creating his magical moods, inspired by Roddy Frame, Lloyd Cole, Edwyn Collins, Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb and many other great songwriters. His next album (after this one) will shift to more wintery sounds or so he tells us.

The Social Icons have confirmed that they have begun recording their sophomore release with an interesting twist, Nick says they have begun the migration and are becoming a musical collective??? What can this mean for the ex-rebels? Stay tuned to this blog for more news as it happens… or at least every six months!!! Lol. Also keep checking the TSI site for leakages of rare tracks and the stories behind them.

Roy Moller is also a busy man with a follow up to last year’s Marc Riley approved “Playing Song’s No One’s Listening To” (Beauty 017) being released on the UK label, the Mecca Holding Company. The album is called “THE SINGING”S GETTING BETTER” and was just released May 1st, 2012 and it has more of his wit and talent on display. He also has enough songs recorded for a follow up album which may see the light of day on at a label near you. Stay tuned.

And that’s only a small part of the story as I just don’t have time to talk about the BMX Bandits tribute EP and the Edward Ball / Times tribute and the instrumental compilation and the follow up to our Pop compilation and the Robert King EP and the conclusion of the Nick Danger Thrillogy and the Phantom Mules, my love of Edwyn Collin’s new AED label, Apple Boutique’s album on Vollwert Records, and I can go on forever – some things will have to wait.

Since you made it this far and I did promise a reward – anyone who gets a copy of the new Yellow Melodies EP, we will include a free copy of the label sampler (physical CDR edition) and anyone who orders any of the full length albums can choose a another album free along with a free copy of the label sampler (physical CDR edition) – which will ensure that we continue to lose money on each sale and show you how much we love doing this.